Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wow, I seriously need to get my Redye on...

So, I was going to wait until we were firmly into August to start redyeing colorways that have sold out.  But, I just made up a list of colorways that I want to redye and as of right now, I have about 15+ colorways on the list.  So, with ~50 days until Tat Days...
That means, if I start now, I'll still have to get a batch out every 3 days to get just the redyes done.

Here's my redye list so far (in no special order):
Fancy Fields
Little Boy Blue
Purple Pansy
Mindanao Gum
Key Lime Raspberry Parfait
Mother of Pearl
Blue Ridge
Queen Anthias
Pink Lemonade

Am I missing anything, are there any on this list that you think should be bumped up in importance?
I really do listen to these kinds of suggestions, so don't be afraid to speak up.



  1. You'll be busy! Great that your skeins are selling so well that you have to replace them.

  2. You do have a lot to accomplish! Silly me... when I was reading your post title I thought it said red eye, and I couldn't remember any red eyes in your photos. I thought I was going to get a photography lesson! ;-)

  3. I'd love a skein of Blue Ridge or Mother of Pearl (not positive which is a priority yet), and I think Aurora may be sold out as well.

  4. Wow!!! And I thought I was a bit busy. :)
    Apparently great colors mean great demand!! :)

  5. Make sure you have plenty in size 20 for me!!

  6. I notice that you have no more French Country posted--and I know from quiltmaking how people are pulled in by yellow and blue. I'm almost done with my French Country pillowcase edging (and hoping I have enough thread to add a medallion to each pillowcase).

  7. Oops! I was speaking of the size 40 since that's my new favorite size since it doesn't come in size 30!

  8. Susie, I will make sure that both Blue Ridge and Mother of Pearl get on the "ta-da" list.
    Also, I just ordered another cone of size 20 this morning, I am currently out of size 20. So, I'll be back up and dyeing very soon.
    I tend to favor dyeing size 40 because I know that if it doesn't sell, I'll use it. But, size 20 is amazingly popular, so I really have been breaking that "trend". :o)

  9. Thanks! It sounds like several folks will buy up your size 20 at Tat Days. I usually make bookmarks, and I get bored with a pattern if I have to do too many repeats, so size 20 works for me. I'm going to do the Minuet pattern in your Susie Sunshine colorway and black while we are on vacation...I think those will be awesome together. Hope all the dyeing goes well and your impromptu vacation this weekend is successful.

  10. I have the best suggestion ever... I'll come to help you and Livi dye thread and you can give me a ride to Tat Days so I can just loiter out front. *laughs*

    :-P Admit it, you smiled!

    It really would be the best birthday present... LOL. ;-)

    Stephanie Grace

  11. Oh, I think black with Susie Sunshine will be splendid!

    Stephanie: it's true... I did smile. :o)