Monday, July 16, 2012


It would be wonderful to be able to say that the title of this post is "Bahamas" because I am planning to go to the Bahamas... but no.
"Bahamas" is the name of the newest colorway, which was inspired by Frivole.

Here is an example of "Bahamas" in size 60.  I was just messing around last night and when I got done with this little piece .. I thought it looked like a mask.  So, Barbie modeled it for me :o)

Here is the same mask beside a small flower that I tatted in size 40 "Genii"
My plan, for the flower, is put a small pearl like bead in the middle and then and a wire, so that it could be put in a little pot... or I may attach it to a hair clip.  Either way, it's super cute! (and super easy if anyone wants the pattern-- that goes for the tiny mask as well.)

Here's a reminder of what "Bahamas" looks like on the skein.
I will take some more pictures of these this evening and either list them in the shop tonight or tomorrow morning. :o)

UPDATE!! This week (well until Friday at least)only use the coupon "freeshipping" for free shipping.
OR "percentum" for 10% your total.
Your choice!

I found out today that we are going to be taking an unexpected trip this weekend (family illness),
 so I may have to close the shop starting on Friday.


  1. Beautiful color way and the mask is great!

  2. I love this colorway - it's really "Bahamas"-ish :)

  3. best wishes for a speedy recover on the family illness.
    I still think the colorway looks like a parakeet, but Bahama still invokes a tropical feel.

  4. very pretty colors. will you have some at Tat Days :). I would be interested in the Barbie mask as a granddaughter will be arriving later this year (nice addition to the Barbie items saved from my daughter). Thanks.

  5. Thanks Jess! I look forward very much to trying this new colourway. And you have many more to tempt me in your shop!

  6. oh no! Don't know how that happened, my comment got posted 6 times!

  7. lol, I am imagining one of those conversations between kids
    "You can say that again"
    Then the other kid says whatever it was again...
    Then again, "You can say that again"
    And they go back and forth like that saying the same things over and over. lol
    Maybe your mouse was having that sort of conversation and you just didn't realize it. :o)
    Thanks for the chuckle this morning though :o)