Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Rainbowliciousness!

More Rainbowlicious! Looks good doesn't it??

Here's a sample of the yellow section.  As you may see, the one in the middle was affected by the dreaded purple splash.  There were a couple of skeins that didn't make the cut, because they actually had a brown spot as a result of the purple splash... but this one, I was able to remedy by smearing it out with more yellow dye.  
Together, like above, you can tell that one looks muddy
But here:
An isolated skein (the same muddy skein as above) looks just as gorgeous as any other. :o)


This is the newest colorway.
SO pretty.  This is an inspired colorway.  
However, I am waiting for a confirmation on the name from the inspiring party, 
so I will reveal the name soon.


  1. things always look worse at the moment they happen, and if you are tired they look terrible. now in the morning, things are not so bad. it really isn't noticeable, as long as someone isn't trying to match for a larger project.
    your new colorway looks like a parakeet. he he

  2. Very true, I am glad they all worked out. The Rainbowlicious is usually popular, so I was very worried that I may have messed it up.
    That's too funny that you say it looks like a parakeet. One of the dyes is actually called "parakeet" :o)

  3. Gorgeous colors of course!!! :)