Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Extension Completion

I actually finished it!  Breaking it up into bits helped a lot with the "avoiding boredom" issue.
 I think this successfully proves that this motif could be extended to a great extent.  It would be pretty neat to see how much it spirals if you were to extend it even further.  
The smaller one is the original version and they are both in size 40.  So, those extra 2 and 4 rings really do make a difference.  
Pretty neat if you ask me!

Now, on to some hdt announcements:
Here is Kaleidoscope
When I tried to dye Ladytats suggestion for Kaleidoscope before, it was not a very pretty outcome.
But this time, I think it looks pretty good.
Here is a reminder of what the previous attempt looked like:

And if you don't remember, the name "Kaleidoscope" is from the Kaleidoscope Butterfly Bush.

Now, I also got another colorway dyed up:
However, I don't know what to call it just yet 

Also, has anyone had any experience with Storenvy?
I am thinking about selling my hdt there and if it works out may move there all together. 
They don't charge fees like Etsy does, so that would be nice.

**UPDATE** I have added a link to my very primative Storenvy, right now there are only two colorways (Havana and Kaleidoscope)  Check it out though, and tell me what you think about the site in general.


  1. I think I like the extended version better than the original. I too wonder what it would look like if you kept going?

  2. i know i get...got bored on that pattern. its just not for me. i really liked your smaller one. the redo of the color really is beautiful.

  3. Really cool large glass mat!!! :)
    I love the new color!!! :)

  4. I love the big spinning wheels!

    I have no experience with on-line stores, so I can't help you on that...

    I love kaleidoscope (the new one, the old one is very pretty, but totally something else)...

    But what has me drooling is the wonderful bright un-named colorway! I am afraid "Take my breath away" is not figurative enough, or I would propose that! Bright spring, maybe? It ranks up there with Queen anthas and the pale Sunset one... All three leave me in a "how can something be so pretty" daze...

    PS: I just tatted a small motif with Tiger Lilycious, and it works up beautifully!

  5. Ooops, I just looked it up, and I meant the pale *Sunrise*, not Sunset... That thread is extremely pretty!

  6. That's a very neat experiment with the spinning wheel mat. It does seem to define the spirals more clearly.

    Your threads are very colorful! I'm afraid I have no advice about the stores, but it's interesting that storeenvy is not charging - so far. No harm in trying them out.

  7. Anywhere that does not charge is NICE! The only reason not to move is that Etsy gets a lot of traffic that the other site may not yet.

  8. That new one reminds me of rainbow sherbet...yummy :-). I like the kaleidoscope too, the lighter version is actually very appealing as well. Love the experiment with the glass mat, I need to try that...such a pretty pattern and even prettier extended!

  9. I'm glad that there was such a good response to the extended Spinning Wheel.
    And also to the new colorways!

    Monica, you may be feel good about myself. lol

    And I was thinking the same thing about the traffic thing for Etsy. So, that would be a good reason to keep both shops open.

    Another nice thing about Storenvy, is that you can set it up for promotions which is not something that you can really do with Etsy. So, we'll see how it all unfolds. :o)

  10. Good luck with the new store. I love the spinningwheel mats, both of them, and the brighter colourways.

  11. Later - the more I look at your picture, the more I think I prefer the big version of the spinningwheel, which really emphasises the spiral.

  12. I like the one with the extension, makes it look more like a doily.

    Pretty threads, great colours