Sunday, July 1, 2012

Extending Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat and Havana

So, in my last post, I showed my abbreviated Spinning Wheel Glass Mat designed by Mary Konior.
It sparked the question of extension, which I've been wanting to do but never had the will power to finish.

So I devised a slight different way to go about it:
I have decided that instead of doing the whole thing in one run and one color, I would do each "arm" in a different color.  Of course, they are each my own HDT, in size 40. 
Not only am I doing each arm separately, I am also extending the arms out.  The regular version has a row of  3 and a row of 6.  This version has a row of 5 and a row 10.  
So, since the 1 and 2 version that I posted yesterday didn't even resemble much of a spiral, I imagine that spiral will be even more pronounced on this one.  I am really excited about it. 

Now, here is an example of my newest colorway:

This heart is "The  Heart within" by Frivole
I adore this pattern.  Don't look to closely at my tatting on this one though.  I didn't that I had loaded enough thread to do the outside and the inside.  So, at first I did the outside and then since I did have enough thread, I tried to inside as an after thought.  It still looks okay, but not as good as it would have.

Regarding "Havana" however, at first I thought that "Havana" looked very similar to my "Peacock", (which is sold out except for some size 80.  It's one that I plan to redye though before Tat Days)
However, you can see from the photo that "Havana" has a more overall "green" cast to it, where as "Peacock" has a reddish brown and a bright yellow.

I added "Havana" to the shop yesterday.  I only have size 20 and 40 of right now.  But if you ever want a colorway in a different size, I can make it happen.  I have skeins of size 80 already wound up. I also have a ball of size 10 that I can dye.


  1. Very interesting glass mat!! And nice heart!! :)

  2. Using the Spinning Wheel seems like a great way to showcase all of your colors!

  3. What is the light color between the aurora and the peacock?

  4. Susie, that is "Mother of Pearl". That one was inspired by Bonnie. The size 20 had sold out pretty quickly. I am hoping to get some more dyed this week.