Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Starting the new challenge with "Stardust"

Really, I don't actually think the thread looks very much like "Stardust" but when I was trying to think of a name for it.. all I could think was that it reminded me of the speckled paper that I use to create the envelopes for my packages.  If you have gotten a package from me that was made from speckled white paper, then you know what I am talking about.
But if not, here's a pic:
So, the paper just so happens to be called "Stardust".  I "dyed" this thread quite a while back, but didn't give it much thought until recently. And really, I only dyed three skeins of size 20 and one of those I have kept for myself.  Anyway, I say "dye" because the way this was dyed was by taking dry powder dye and lightly brushing it around the wet thread.  That way, only small flecks of dye got on the thread.  This means that the different colors that are in the mix of gray that I used were separated.  That's what causes this effect:

Looks pretty cool if you ask me.   It's no work of art, but it's fun. 

This is what it looks like worked up:

This little flower was tatted with Size 20 "Stardust"
I guess you could call it a "doodle" or just a playing around motif. 
I like it.

The abbreviated pattern is 
Round 1
Ring  6+3-3
Chain 5+5+ 
Round 2
Chain +8+8
Round 3
Chain +12-4+4+12+


  1. Wow, Jess! I know next to nothing about dying thread. But, the technique with the grey is really interesting. I don't use grey much, but if you do it in a blue, green, red, etc, let me know! I will be your first customer.

    It will be so neat to meet at Tat Days.

    Linda R.

  2. Thanks Linda, I will try it with different dye mixes. I bet they would be pretty as well!

    I'm excited to meet you as well!
    We'll have to set up some time to meet up after Tat Days since we live so close to one another! :o)

  3. It's interesting to try different dyeing techniques. Good result!

  4. Lovely colour and nice little pattern

  5. Cool technique and interesting dye effect.