Monday, July 23, 2012

And bracelets finish up this challenge.

I have been so extremely tired all day, but for some reason I have had the unrelenting "need" to start and finish projects.  This is not usual for me.  Maybe it's hormonal... maybe it's that I didn't get any sleep last night so as a last ditch effort to stay awake, I have found things to keep me busy...
What ever the reason, this is the fruit of my day's labor:
So, this one... was done with HWT, two strands of size 40 thread.  One is Lizbeth Turquoise Light and the other is Purple Medium. I used two shuttles for the split rings without beads.  Then I dropped one shuttle and finished that way.  I did the two sides separately then fed the excess thread through the middle bead and sewed them in on the other side.  The bead in the middle is plastic and very light, so that's good.

I am really excited about this one.  The center medallion is one of Sherry's ceramic medallions.  I glued a bit of blue jean to the back.  The tatting is my own Mindanao Gum size 40.  The clasp is magnetic. 

These two bracelets make for #24 & 25, so I'll be starting back at number 1 with my next piece. :o)

Now, this flower
I haven't decided entirely what I want to do with it.  I know I spent over an hour securing all those tags on there, making sure that they weren't floppy.  Floppy means they can be torn off.  I really love how it turned out.  My mom thinks I should put it on a hairclip.  I may do that... or us it as a centerpiece of a bracelet.  I would also make a cute ring. 
Here is the back.  
I covered one of these metal circles that has all the holes in it with a small felt circle and then sewed the tags in individually so that they would be very secure. 

I plan to do something with all those little plates that I have connected together with jump rings. I don't know what yet though.