Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tooth Fairy Time!!!

My baby's sweet semi-toothless smile.  And a small glimpse of me as a reflection.

See?  Didn't I mention a time or two that I was not good at sewing??
Livi had some old tights, so I cut the foot off of them.  I then sewed on a little pocket for her tooth to go in and then attempted to sew up the bottom so that it would look like a tooth.  
As you can see, we also made the tooth fairy a small necklace.  This was made simply out of a hair tie and a pendant that I just happened to have around. And of course, the small, teeny tiny white thing is my baby's first lost baby tooth.  **tear!** 


I'm getting pretty far on my coin purse.  I am (almost) half way through and have completed half of the flap. 
Of course, I am getting a little tired of the colors, so I think I will choose a different colorway for the second half.  I'll try to make sure they atleast look semi decent together though :o) 


  1. I think she's waiting for the tooth fairy, looks like you are starting the expensive time with her teeth

  2. Oh yes... I tell you though, the tooth fairy is being good to her. She's not only getting a yo-yo, but an uncle and a papaw both gave the tooth fairy some money to throw in with the yo-yo. lol

  3. How exciting for Livi! I wonder if she slept last night or stayed up waiting for the tooth fairy?