Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Guessing Game... Little Prize

WAAA!!!!  I ran out of size 20 last week (getting the new cone tomorrow) and now... the size 40 is almost gone.  I am so sad!  lol Not really... but it did get me to thinking:

How much is left??
How many skeins will I get out of this little bit that is left?

So, that got my brain geared up for a little guessing game giveaway.....

To enter the giveaway, comment with your guess as how many 50 yard skeins you think I will get out of this little bit that is left?

Please keep in mind that if I run into a huge knot, I'll cut it and set that bit aside. In other words, that bit won't count.  However, if I find just a tiny blip or burr... (what ever they are called... I will refer to them as knots)... I'll keep going.  I wouldn't get upset if there were a solitary mishap/knot in a skein I bought, so I don't feel bad letting one small knot go by in the ones I sell.  However, I generally starting clipping when a second  knot comes up when I am winding.  But... I am getting off topic now.

So, what's the prize?  The winner will receive a skein of size 40 hdt, and I'll even let you choose the colorway (as long as it's one of mine lol).  I am going to limit this to size 40 because I have a hard enough time trying to keep size 20 stocked. lol

Good luck.
The contest is over when we have a winner!


  1. Now that's hard. I guess 11. No idea really but I do love a good guessing game!!!

  2. So I'd better be quick then. I was going to say 3, but Ladytats has already said that. 4?

  3. I think it's going to be one and half.


  4. well i think its 5 and a bit left over.

  5. I have n idea so my guess could be really embarrassing-not enough to stop me guessing though! Seven!

  6. I was going to guess three, so I'll go for 2

  7. Hmmm, this is worse than guessing how many jelly beans in a jar...but here goes!

    My guess is 4.25 (hee, hee)

  8. I'll quess 7, but I have no idea really :-). Still fun to try...

    1. Oops...Michelle already quessed 7, so maybe 9?

  9. woohoo! Tattin' Kat was right. It was six! Actually almost exactly six, which was kind of weird. :o)
    That was fun! I hope everyone had fun guessing :o)

  10. That's what I get for sleeping in! Arrrrrrrgh! I was gonna guess 7. I would have been close at least. What fun! Congrats!