Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Almas Star and some of my Messy Jess!-y's worked up.

You like my new pic? 
I hand drew it the other day.  I <3 it!

Here is some of my Messy Jess!-y 's worked up.  The purple, is the one in the shop (etsy, at least).
The small dark green patch is in the Storenvy shop, but will soon be in the Etsy shop if it isn't already.
Then the bright green isn't in either, but I have quite a few to put in soon.
The work up nice, don't you think?

I love this pattern, this one is tatted in my "Genii" colorway, size 40. 

I really like these colors together. I don't like that I messed up in a few places, but that's alright.. at least it got finished, that's got to be worth something. lol


  1. nice motif, and I can see the greens being part of a flower edging.

  2. Thank you!
    IKR? I didn't allow myself to have much of the purple or darker green messy jess!-y.. but I did give myself a small skein of the brighter green. It's been fun to tat with :o)
    I think it would be perfect for leaves.

  3. Lovely motif and great colour, the green edging looks beautiful

  4. Nice colors and great star!!! :)

  5. I <3 your new pic - spotted it in the comments in another blog (Tat's spinning wheel in your Fireflyes colorway here: and came straight to say Hi!

    I also love your new banner.

    Well, and all your tatting - Jon's Almas in your Geminii is extremely beautiful! I love Jon's designs, and that colour I had gleaned over before really speaks to me there!

  6. Thank you for the compliments on the colors!

    Monica, thanks, I wanted something with a hand drawn feel... it didn't take too long of going through different fonts to realize that I should just draw it myself. (for the picture and the banner)