Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keep Your Money, I want a Yo-yo!

Ummm, okay....

Livi got her first loose tooth tonight.  We are super excited.  Of course, we called Daddy first thing.  Just because he doesn't live with us doesn't mean that he's out of the loop.  Anyway, Chris asked if she thought the tooth fairy was going to leave her some money for the tooth (when it falls out of course).  She said she was hoping for a toy like a yo-yo instead. lol

Kids are so great!

I drew this up... but really in retrospect, I guess I should have put a yo yo in the picture. :o)
This is a sad revelation since I literally drew this picture like 3 minutes ago.


  1. Great quick drawing, the tooth fairy should be pleased with your picture of her.

  2. No, no, NO. That's NOT the tooth fairy. It's YOU! Bet you were looking in the mirror when you drew it. Too pretty to be a fairy, me dear.

  3. I hope the tooth fairy can find a yo yo? The tooth fairy couldn't find her way to our house, way in the African bush. Which was fine until some visitor was present when a tooth fell out!!

  4. That quarter can easily be changed into a yo-yo. Very cute.