Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today was utter frustration.

So, I was going to go on a huge rant about my horrible no good very bad day... but I decided to spare you.
I'll sum it up...  I've been frustrated lately trying to make sure that Livi gets in the school that is in my neighborhood so that she doesn't get zoned to a Memphis school.  The reason that there is any question about what school she gets "zoned" to is that Chris(her daddy, my "fiance") had me put his utilities (in Memphis) in my name because he doesn't have any identification.  So, it's been a real hassle and a headache trying to get my name off the account. And until I get my name off of it, Livi can't go to the "good" school that is a walking distance of maybe 5 minutes, driving distance of 1 minute from the home that I have lived in for~ 20 years.::sigh::
So, as the tension rose today..all I wanted to do was dye up another batch of Rainbowlicious... and me being ole dummy Jess! decided that it was fine to carry a sopping wet cotton ball of purple dye right across the yellow section to get to where the purple should be.... I mean, what could possibly go wrong with that, right? I DID make it through red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, and dark blue without any drops of color landing anywhere unintentionally.
But never the less... now I have skeins of Rainbowlicious that have a dirty yellow section... BOO!!!

On a more positive note
I had wound up 21 (10 of 20 and 10 of 40... plus one 40 for myself)
and since 21 is too much to dye at one time, I only dyed half.  So I already have skeins wound up and waiting to dyed.
However, since I was planning on doing them all rainbow... I just grabbed a bunch of random ones to dye.  I have no idea what percentage of the messed up ones are 40 or 20.  I think they were mostly 40 though.

So,anyway... I am going to bed... Good night all!


  1. That does sound like a rotten day, but today is a new fresh day. Try not to let yesterday's issues effect today.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. I hope you can get the school question sorted. Dyeing is a messy business, and mishaps do happen! I did like your comment about green fingers the other day.

  3. I hope your day is a better one today!

  4. So sorry about the hassle. Do you not have any utilities bills at your current location with your name on them? (All my daughter's new school required was ONE bill to prove address.) Is your "fiance" not willing to remove your name from his bills? If not, why???

    Sorry about the less than perfect dye-ing day. I hope today brings you lots of rainbow smiles!

  5. a difficult situation with the schools. hopefully you will get it resolved.
    as for the dyeing, well, life is full of little oopsess. lets hope that rinsed and dried it isn't as bad as it seems.

    a little patience, a little thinking will help. can you set the dye pot next to the place you want to place the color so you don't have to carry it across other areas?

  6. You know that is exactly what I did last time. I sat each little pot by the section it was intended for, all around the skein. But I was so frustrated at the time, I didn't even think to do that this time.
    I've washed them now. There are only a couple that actually look "bad". The others... half of them have a yellow section that looks like a more "muddy" yellow... or golden look, rather than the bright clear yellow that I was going for.

    However, if you just had one skein, and you didn't know that it was supposed to be bright yellow, then it looks like it was just supposed to be that way, if that makes any sense. I'll take pictures to show the difference. :o)

  7. Stuff happens. Think positive - now you have a skein or two of one of a kind colors to barter.
    It is good to see a mother willing to fight for her child's education.

  8. Tax bill--do you pay the taxes? Also, some kind of notarized statement explaining the situation should be given due consideration.
    (I wouldn't want her to have to go to school in Memphis either!)