Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Friendly Fox Furnishes the Fabulous Faithfully...

Title explanation... I love how Fox comes up with the best titles that often include clever alliterations. :o)

Yesterday, I posted that I had a gorgeous nameless colorway... Fox came to the rescue.
Fox has been so very helpful with helping me name colorways.  When it comes to this dyeing business:
I really love the dyeing part, and the coming up with new combinations part... but the naming part.. not so much.
(So I very much appreciate the wonderful names that have been suggested by anyone that has ever offered them.)

This is what Fox emailed me yesterday.  I think it is perfect!

So, the once nameless colorway is now "Key-Lime Raspberry Parfait"

Thank you Fox!

ALSO... a few weeks ago, Fox sent me a fun package will some beads and some of her Valdani thread that she'd been playing with.  The note that she included explained that she thought that they three colors together would make a "terrific HDT called Calliope"

So, I gave some serious thought to it, wanting to make sure that I did it right. 

And here is the outcome:

Fox has the best eye for color.  I honestly believe it!

I have added both of these colorways to both my Etsy and my Storenvy shops. 

If you prefer one store to the other, but they are sold out, I can move them.

When I get enough thread in the Storenvy shop, I will set up some sort of promotion/ discount.
These promotions can and will include things like
"Buy 3 and get 1 free"
Or, maybe "Spend $21 and get free shipping"
That sort of thing. 

Should be fun!


  1. Fox has a very good eye for color.
    Calliope is a pretty combo and Key-lime Raspberry sounds yummy

  2. Well done for recreating Fox's colours so closely. Not always easy. Looks fabulous, and I like the names.

  3. Key lime raspberry parfait looks beautiful, fox does have a good eye for colours and her choice of colour way thread looks equally lovely

  4. Oh that one at the bottom is FABULOUS. WOWEEEE.

  5. Oh that one at the bottom is FABULOUS. WOWEEEE.

  6. Very pretty colors! I've been tatting like a mad woman, trying to use the threads I have so that I can justify buying more. : )

  7. The new colourway that Fox suggested is very interesting! I quite like the colours put together.

  8. You are making it VERY hard for me to stick to my rule of no more HDT until I've used up some of what I have. I really like this one too.