Sunday, July 22, 2012

Anyone interested in Size 10 glitter

This is not Lizbeth, (first and foremost) This is Aunt Lydia's (If I remember correctly), size 10 crochet cotton with glitter/tinsel.  It's dyed hot pink and light pink (some of the light pink areas look white)
This is technically a Messy Jess!-y.

I was going to keep it for myself, just because I wanted to try dyeing something with a little "sparkle", but really... I have been so busy dyeing and try to tat with my own thread to showoff the colorways, that I really don't see that I will have time to do anything with it.

I also don't want to put it in my shop due to the fact that I can't get a really good shot of it.  Plus, since it's not Lizbeth, and I have the little message in my welcome message saying that any size 10 is Lizbeth... 
I would just rather keep that message up and send this one along here. 

I wound up the entire 100 yard ball, but I am only asking for $7 and that includes shipping
You can purchase it right here:

There is only 1 though, so if it has already been bought, the link should take you to my shop. SO, if you find yourself in my shop and don't know how... then someone has already purchased this, and I just haven't gotten around to updating this post yet.
:o) 'Tis gone :o)

I did get the Pink Lemonade washed and dried and listed.  I only listed a few of them, because I really do need to build my stock for Tat Days. But, I also want to make them available for those are interested now. 

On another note, Livi had her vaccinations last week for kindergarten.  This is what happened to the site:

We called the doctor about the huge blister, but she said that was not reaction to the vaccine.  Livi flipped out when the blister finally popped, and then blamed me because she walked into my foot while I was sitting on the couch... but that's a different story.
I washed it up really good, but has anyone every seen anything like that before?  Her leg seems to be fine now (though still a little swollen, but no blister), but it was really scary. 


  1. Wow...poor Livi! That sure looks like a reaction to me...not the blister so much as the area around it being red and the swelling, I'd watch any future shots! That would have scared me too!

    The sparkly thread looks's a fabulous experiment :-). I'm sure someone will snatch it up and create something perfect, I would grab it...but it would just be to hoard it in my stash and that hardly seems fair.

  2. Luckily those are the last ones for a "long" time. I am so glad. She had a reaction to the chicken pox vaccine as well. It didn't bother her (she was just a tiny baby), but she had little bumps covering her body. :o(

    I completely understand about the "stash" bit. I was looking through my "stash", which for some reason includes A LOT of beads. For whatever reason, whenever I get stressed... I go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and buy beads like I am going to make something out of them. So, now I have all the beads and I will probably never do anything with them. I am thinking about selling them on Storenvy...just as a de-stashing effort.

  3. Never mind daughter saw it and thought of it's bought :-). Not tatting, she is learning to crochet...but it's perfect :-). Maybe I can swipe a little to tat with :-)

  4. I buy beads too, when stressed or otherwise...I look at those and feel like I must be attracted to sparkle like a crow or something :-).

  5. Oh that will be so wonderful! Wish her luck for me! I have tried crocheting, but it wasn't for me. :o)

  6. Just a thought, but maybe it's the band-aid to which she has a reaction? Latex and the sticky part of band-aids are infamous for allergies. If she's got a latex allergy, it could even be from the doctor pinching the area with gloves on. I'm not sure, but maybe it's possible that she's got an allergy to the metal of the shot? My skin breaks out from just about everything, so my mind is loaded with allergy ideas... :-/ Next time, I'd ask for them to use Telfa and a small amount of medical tape instead of a band-aid. (Telfa is the non-stick pad of the band-aid. I use it with medical tape on all of my boo-boo's instead of bandaids.). ;-)

    Now, let's talk about the Pink Lemonade! It's gorgeous!!!! I'm going to have to get on your butt about which threads to stash away until Labor Day. :-) (My birthday ...AKA the next time I'll have money to buy anything, LOL).

    Stephanie Grace

  7. Oh poor little dear! That looks just plain awful! It sure looks like some kind of reaction, maybe her little body is rejecting the vaccination?
    I sure hope she feels better soon!
    BTW- LOVE the pink sparkles!