Monday, July 30, 2012

Buttons plus tatting (and a progress report on my coin purse)

Do you remember this cute little flower?  

Well,(stepping back in thought a bit)  recently Susie crocheted my some flowers to put on a headband for my baby niece. Here is my niece with the headband, but you can't really see the flower which was super cute. 

Anyway, the special thing about the flower was that there was one button and several flowers that could be traded out on the headband.  
When I got to looking at this flower that I recently showed, I got to thinking that the same thing should work.  
So, the plan now is to tat more flowers to put on this barrette that I made up with a button.  Pretty neat right?

And my coin purse:

I am done with the flap mostly. When I get done with the bag, I think I might do a small edging around the flap to "reinforce" it a bit since I am not regretting only putting one ring on the other side of the button hole.

Here is it lying open.

And... what's a button hold without a button to fill it. :o)

:o( I am a little sad that I wasn't paying attention when I added that picot in the top corner of the flap.  But, once I add a little edging around there... who will really notice?

Oh, and I did switch up colors.  It's actually really funny, because I said I was going to switch color but then I thought it would look funny.  But turns out I missplaced the bobbin that contains the original thread.  Since there was no way that I was going to wait to finish this bag until I found the original color.. I went ahead and picked a different but somewhat similar colorway.  And now, I think it looks funny. lol  It'll be alright though. If the bag turns out well, I plan to make more. :o) I think it would look really neat in two solid colors.


  1. Very neat button flower! I like the coin purse too.

  2. I would definitely have some sort of "extra" edging around the button hole to keep the tatting from getting stretched out. The button barrette is a GREAT idea!