Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You might be a tatter if:

Yesterday morning I was trying to get Livi and I ready for school but really wanted to sew a little motif onto a hairclip for one of Livi's friends.  (I had told her friend's mom that I would make her one)
So, all Livi saw was (haha palindrome) that I had  tatting in my hand.

She said "Come on Mommy! We've got to go!"
Me: "Okay Baby, I'm almost done"
Livi: "Okay Mommy, one more ring, but that's all!"

WHAT!!!!! I really would have loved to see my face at that exact moment.  Probably sitting there with dropped jaw and deer in headlights look.  My four year old daughter is so used to me tatting and telling her, "Just let me finish this ring."  that she tells me... "just one more ring".

Oh, she cracks me up!!!

But here is some tatting:

On top, is Jon's Ring of Crowns (I think that's what it's called) It's tatted in Sulk Blendables, Olive Tree that Diane so sweetly sent me!  
And, it's BLEND able, not BENDable.  For the longest time, I was reading it "bend"able, and I just imagined some rubbery type thread or stretchy cord. My brain does that some times.

And then I have a little ATC card with some of my One shuttle hearts, the top tiny one is size 80 of LadyShuttlemaker's Confetti Sprinkles.  It's so tiny because I did each of the rings as 3-3-3-3, instead of 6-6-6-6. I'm glad I got a picture of it, because now it doesn't look nearly as pretty. 
Then the others are RJU 001, Lizbeth's Azalea Md, and finally my Pinkaholic.

Then I tested the Lizbeth size 80 ball in the McDonalds ball, it fits perfectly! and the thread pulls through the hole beautifully!  A size 40 ball however will not fit.

And this:
Don't waste your time trying to do this. lol
When I got the Bob-eez, I thought they were great. I still think they are great.  But it really bothered me that they were so incredibly plain!!
I have since learned the meaning of "Difficult to glue plastic!!"
NOTHING sticks to these things!!
I'm talking about even super glue practically fell off of it.

I even tried to emboss the bottom of it, when made the plastic all bendy, and the embossing powder stratched right off.  BUT after I scraped the rest of it off, I tried paintint to with acrylic paint.  it was scuffed up enough that the paint actually stayed and I was able to coat it with glitter nail polish. (that's the bottom picture)

So I scratched the heck out of the top and painted it and then coated on pearl ex, and then topped it with an extremely thin layer of mod podge.  Why thin? Because if it's too thick, it'll just peel off, taking what ever is beneath it with it. That would be counter productive.

Oh and all of that was AFTER trying JB weld, which came right off too.

Then I thought made I could make a little top for it and just loosely have it on there, connected on through punched holes.  I am still investigating this option, but that is why there is a ribbon in it. lol

And you may or may not remember when I mentioned these little lockets.  I took a photo of the little heart from above in it. The motif is about the size of a penny, as you can see.

And this is why the little motif is not so pretty anymore:

I took a lot of heavy duty glue to get it stick... but it's definitely stuck now!! It's also topped with Mod Podge Dimensional magic which looks really lovely on here!!

Okay, that's all for now.  I may not be back until this weekend, but I am still taking barter offers for the limited stock of RJU 001

and here are some pictures of Torch lilies that I found on the web, just in case you haven't seen them before.  These are what I want my next colorway to look like and what I was trying for with RJU 001!

This one doesn't have any green at the botttom, and I do want at least a hint of green in it.

And this one:  Has green and hardly any yellow:


  1. Livi is funny! ....and I LOVE tiny tatting...there is something so special about it's delicacy. Fun read today!

  2. Oh, that Livi! She sounds like a real character! Love your post... lots to look at, lots of chuckles!

  3. Thanks Sherry! I've got to admit, I intentionally did it smaller than the others because I was using your thread and know how you like the tiny stuff. :o) So, what would be more appropriate than tiny tatting in tiny thread dyed by someone I admire who likes tiny tatting. (whew... that was a lot of t's)

  4. Oh yes, Livi is a hoot!! I'll have to take another video of her soon. She likes doing those. :o)

  5. Wonderful tatted pieces!! :)
    Adorable conversation with Livi!! :)

  6. Livi makes me laugh!

    Those flowers are breathtaking! No wonder you want to copy the colours. gorgeous.
    Fox : )