Friday, October 26, 2012

I am on a dyeing roll!

Recently, I was challenged/ inspired/ "demanded" (whichever has the best, most light heart-ed meaning in your eyes... apply here lol) by my friend, Frivole to "mess up" my "Chilled" colorway. 
So, here it is.  
It looks great, I must add!  

I was also inspired by her most recent post to tat Birgit Phelp's SweetHeart, and even took her suggestion to leave off the topmost rings.
I used this "Chilled Mess" (a Messy Jess!-y) in size 40 with Lizbeth's new solid "Periwinkle"
I did do something a bit different though. Only one of these rings is an actual ring.  All the others are SCMRs.  I did it this way because I could only find one shuttle and had previously decided that I would do the rings in Periwinkle and the chains the "Chilled Mess".  But, I changed my mind at the last minute.
So, I used unflipped stitches on all the chains, and SCMRs for the center rings. 
The only actual ring is thrown ring on the bottom.


Here is the "Chilled Mess" around the Periwinkle ball.  This is one way I decide if a colorway will look good with a solid. :o)

OH!! If you think this would look nice as a hankie edging (or for any larger project I suppose), and need more thread than usual.  I have exactly 2 skeins of size 60 that are  150 yards each.
I did not however do any size 80 this go round.   

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Without Further Ado! I present "Madder Tatter"

I enlisted the help of a couple of our friends.
Fox is by far the best at naming.  So good is she at this "task"(Well, I find it a task, she seems to enjoy it), that I usually run to her when I have a beautiful colorway that needs naming. Thank you Fox!

She named this one "Madder Tatter", I love the name!

But, I did not stop there.  Over a month ago, I was in correspondence with Umintsuru.  (Such a sweet lady) She suggested that it would be nice see samples of my colorways and she offered to tat some for me. 
The idea in general is a fabulous one, however it requires me to wind additional sample skeins, and then wait for the postman to carry my package to the other side of the planet before I can get the sample picture. 

But, I realized that I probably wasn't going to be getting a whole heck of a lot of dyeing done due to school taking up so much time, so when I dyed up this gorgeous lot, I went and ahead and sent her some.  

Now, I only wish that I had dyed more of "Madder Tatter" while I was waiting because as you can see here it works of GORGEOUSLY!

This Goldfish design of Nami's was tatted by Umintsuru in Tat-illicious HDT size 40 "Madder Tatter".

I must say, she did a wonderful job picking out a suitable pattern and I always adore her tatting.  So precise! Love it!

I am in the process right now of listing what I have.  I love this colorway so much though and because I have so little size 40 dyed (I was low on size 40 when I dyed the batch) I will be dyeing more of this very very soon!

She also tatted another sample, but I'll save it for another post, it is not a new colorway though, so don't get too excited. :o)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sea glass or Beach glass??

I am leaning towards Sea glass, but I would consider "Beach Glass" but only because I fell in love with this poem, which I first read in one of English Comp classes:

But anyway, I absolutely LOVE how this colorway turned out!  I think it is really gorgeous!
I'm glad that I did quite a few of them, because I expect it to be "hit"

The motif is done in Sea glass, or Beach glass, I will let you my comment-ers decided democratically the official name.  I used size 20 because I had a sample skein, and since it was a sample skein, it dried first. I couldn't wait to try this one out!

The pattern was going to be this
But, I got anxious to show it already, so I cut all the stitch counts in half and didn't finish the square... instead, I just left it as a triangle/ Christmas tree shape. lol

Anyway, it's 2 AM here, so I better get to bed.  Expect this colorway in the shop later today.  I will wait for all of them to dry properly before taking an offical photo. :o)

Oh, but before I head up, I guess I should mention this,
I added these to the shop the other day:

It's another Messy Jess!y, except I wasn't overly excited about how this one turned out.  Some of them are green and red, and others are just red and a bronze type color.  Of course, I accidentally picked one of the red/ bronze ones for myself.  I didn't care for it.  So, I tried to separate all the red and bronze ones out and I have only listed the ones that are green and red. I will be doing another batch of red and green.  I want a "Grinch-ilicious" with a bright red and a chartreuse or lime and white. I think that will be fun!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little Halloween appropriate accessory

I'm really not in to Halloween.  It's just not my thing.  But, I thought these little skull beads were cute so I decided to use them.
The design is adapted from one of Vicky Clarke's from Tatting the Stone.
I had to adapt it to fit this shell doughnut.
The thread is size 40 Navy Blue, and it has purple Swarovski crystals that make it very sparkly.
The stretch band is really fun, the beads are some of the twin hole beads.  These in particular are VERY pretty and multicolored.  This picture makes them look all purple, but they have a fair amount of pink in them as well.

I do think skulls are "cute", but that's about as far as I get into Halloween.
Witches? no. Jack-o-lanterns? no. Ghosts? no.
Zombies? Okay... but only because of The Walking Dead. lol I've recently gotten hooked on that show!
So much so that I bought a big book of the graphic novel.

But, back to the bracelet.  I haven't decided whether I want to sell this one or keep it.  I think I will sell it.  I have more of all the supplies, so I could make another if I like it that much!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yellow/Teal listed, and a tatted card

I had lunch with Livi today.  The only reason I was able to was because I am on Fall Break, which only lasts for two days... how sad is that?
So, I'm getting ready for an exam that I have tomorrow.  This exam is the in the last class of the day.  This is bad because, my brain is usually fried by that point.  So, prayers would be appreciated.

But, luckily, I'll have more time this evening to further prepare for it.  I WAS going to have a "Challenge Party" this afternoon for this new diet I've been doing.  But, I couldn't get enough people that were interested in joining to come, so that's been cancelled.  And when I say I couldn't get enough, I mean I couldn't get anyone. lol  BUT if YOU would like to check it out---------> HERE is a link to find out more.  I've lost almost 10 pounds so far in two weeks.  This product was originally designed for diabetics, but they noticed that people were losing weight with it, and the rest is history as they say.

But, enough of that.....
I listed the yellow/ teal thread that I showed yesterday.  I've only wound and listed 1/2 of them so far.  So, if by some chance those sell out, I do have more.
You can see them here.

I made my first card with tatting on it:
I need to perfect my gluing, but other than that, I am happy with it.

Alright, I need to get back to studying, so I'll leave you with this:
Livi brought home a pumpkin to decorate over her Fall Break.  This is how hers turned out, we dressed up as a fairy princess.  I think it turned out adorable!

Monday, October 15, 2012

No tatting for right now

Well, this weekend I worked on a custom dye order.  It was a lot of fun and turned out really pretty.

I also did a HUGE skein of size 20, a Messy Jess!y
I haven't decided whether I want to try to sell it the way it is, or ball it up and divide it into the 10 50 yard skeins that I could make out of it.
Any suggestions??

Livi had fall break last week, so she went back today.  She was excited!!

I am on Fall Break now, so I've been *trying* to catch up on emails, getting orders out the door, and trying to study.
Layla on the other hand, found a box near the window, and got cozy!

What a pretty baby!!  She lost one of her fangs recently.  It doesn't seem to bother her though.  I think she looks kind of cute with her one tooth hanging out. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Look how pretty!!

I asked Totusmel if she'd tat me some bracelets with my HDT and I received them today!  They are GORGEOUS!!!

She even included this sweet pendants!! Fun!!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Still working on the bracelet

I love it!
This focal point is from her book, I believe this pattern is called "Over the Barrel"
(I could be wrong, and I don't have the book right by me)

I really love how this turned out though!
I'm going to retat it though and clean up how I I made the joins.  I think it looks a little sloppy.  

The thread is a size 60 Messy Jess!y, I don't have anymore of this particular batch, but I will try to do something similar if anyone likes this mix is particular.  (I'm a little particular to it myself, so I may try to do something similar anyway)

Can you tell that I used two different colored threads for the leaves in the first picture?
One is more "teal" and one is more "green"

I think it looks interesting together like this.

Ok, more studying, but I am supposed to be on Fall Break right now.... so I may squeeze in some more dyeing and finally get that green mix from my last post listed. (Goodness, am I every slow!!)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This is going to take awhile!

It was suggested by someone super fabulous that I label my threads.  I've been meaning to do this, but the thought is a little daunting. But, since I just got my two tests that were this week, I decided to tackle it. 
These are just the size 20s. There are just as many if not more of size 40. I think for a little while, I'll just have the tags ready made and then they'll get attached as thread gets sold. It's going to be worth it though!! :o)

Right now, Livi is doing the cutting for me. :o)  She's super proud of the work she's doing.  This also means that if you get thread and you see a not perfectly cut tag, you already know why!

Here's some of the green/ teal Messy Jess!-y that was done the other day.
I'll try to list them sometime tomorrow. 

For now, I will tat some more leaves for the bracelet!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Number 2 in progress!

For my next item of my 25 motif challenge, I going to make a bracelet.  These leaves are Frivole's Leaf design 

However, I added a series of split rings to the back which attach to the very top ring.  

Once I get more leaves tatted, I plan to attach them together, and I may even start tatting them together, but so that they can withstand being a bracelet without a horrible amount of stretching and distorting of the actual tatting, I want to thread stretchy cord in and out of these split rings on the back.  I have high hopes for this bracelet.  I'm planning to do different colors as well.
I also have some watch faces I could potentially put on it, but I think they might be too heavy for this piece.

Also, I have A LOT of thread in this color.  It was my first attempt at doing a teal colorway.  It's not that impressive looking here, but I will try to remember to take a picture of it tomorrow outside.  It really is gorgeous.  It's a very subtle teal, but very pretty!  Also, these beads are aquamarine color, but they too look a little green.  Color is so funny, and so hard to capture!

Alright, back to studying for me!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Piece of the new challenge!

So, I started playing with the beads, and made this pendant.  I really liked it, but because I can't seem to leave anything alone.  I added Frivole's Papillion butterfly.

I love this little butterfly pattern, but I could have done a better job at tatting this one.
 I do however like the look of it on the pendant.
I guess, I will make this my first "sale-able"item, since these beads are from my challenge box!!
I may add something else to it before I actually list it though.
I don't know what though, or should I just leave it alone?

 After seeing Jane tat Vicki Clarke's rose in my Sunrise, I felt that need to tat one too!
This one is tatted in my size 10 Bahamas.
Why size 10?  Well, I unwound the two skeins of size 10 that I had in my shop and sent them off to California so that I can get a couple little somethings for myself.  But the Bahamas wouldn't fit on a 2 1/2 inch bobeez, so what didn't fit, I kept for myself. 

Now, back to studying, or ..
nah, I'm tired, I'll opt for bed tonight.  I have been very congested lately.  I have pretty bad asthma, which is well controlled when the weather is nice.  But, once school starts (stress) and the weather starts changing, it gets bad.  It always starts in the sinuses, sure, but then it's the throat, and then BAM! bronchitis.  And if you remember, this past winter it developed into pneumonia.  So, since I do not have insurance, I am really trying hard to rest now that it's starting (and already, my sinuses are feeling clear and I am having a hard time breathing) and I am hoping and praying it doesn't get worse. 

Good night!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Messy Jess!-y Part 2: The Reveal!

Ain't it purdy????

I would love to see some of this worked up!!  So, if you do buy some, please feel free to send me a picture of your finished project.  Why don't I save one for myself, you ask?
Well, 1st, I am not the biggest fan of size 20.
2nd, I'm a "jobless" college student mother, I only did 10, I would like to sell all of them. lol

More in depth look at my Messy Jess!-y's (Part 1)

So, since my Messy Jess!-y's have gotten more attention, I've gotten more questions.

So, I thought I would expand on the name and the process a little bit.

Each batch of MJs are unique because of the process.

I start out with however many skeins I am going to dye, I rinse them really well, then cram them into a smallish container.
Then I pour the dyes that I am using over/ into this container.
I let this sit for a few seconds/ minutes.

Then I pour the soda ash over them to fix the dye to the thread.

Then my container looks like this:
Looks like I am tub dyeing just dark purple right??

With this shot, you can see that the thread has different shades, though, at this point, it's impossible to tell what they are.  (I know approximately what it will look like, because I put the original dyes in, but you have no clue... at this point.)

So, this sits in the jar for about an hour or two.  I am wanting a lighter batch, so I will only let it sit for an hour.  I imagine if I wanted darker colors, I could let it sit longer though.

............(time is passing)........

Ehh, okay, it was only about 45 minutes at most when I decided that it's late, and I want to go to bed, so I went ahead and washed the thread.

It's still wet mind you...So, I will have to show a dry picture later tonight so you can really see the texture
But you can already see the multitude of variations that will be present in this batch:

Now, I should go ahead and say this, I only did size 20 for this batch.  I was trying to see if I could redo the pink/purple/blue that I had done before that was such a hit.  I've had a few different folks wanting more of that one.  I am afraid that this batch will be quite a bit darker than that batch, but I have a good feeling about this one!!  
I didn't do size 40 because I still have 3 skeins of the previous batch.  If you are interested in one, email me.  

And since I said I would say something about why "Messy"... these are of course not the clean lines that occur when painting skeins to look the same.  These skeins are not messed up, they were dyed to look a certain way, which is more random, and creates a unique tatted item, with splotches of color rather than blocks of color..  That's why it's "Messy".... plus Mess rhymes with Jess!
So, don't let the Messy part keep you from trying this yummy fun thread!!

Make sure to come back later when I reveal the dry skeins!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Restarting the 25 motif challenge and stepping it up a notch!!

Okay, I have no idea how many motifs I completed this last round! :o(
I start more than I finish, so, there's really no telling.

But, any.... way....

I was just about to start Marilee's Atom pattern from Up and Tat 'Em.  I saw that the pattern called for an 8mm bead.  I went looking for a comparably sized bead.
What did I find?

LOTS and LOTS of beads!

Now, if you have been following me for long, then you probably already know that I've only really used beads in a couple of projects.  So, WHY???? do I feel the need to buy so many friggin beads????

So, I decided it was time to try to make money back on these beads.  How?

Well, I am going to restart the 25 motif challenge, but this time, my goal is tat 25 items that are worthy of being sold.
My Rules:
1. I will NOT buy any more supplies until this challenge is over.
2. By following rule number 1, I will use only beads that I already own.
3.  I will use at least one item from my "Challenge Box" in each item of the 25 items that fufill my challenge.
4. All items from this challenge, will be either placed in my Etsy shop or Storenvy shop.  (Which means I actually have to finish them!!! lol)

So, what are the contents of my "Challenge Box"

See?  Now, that's not even all that I have and like I said already... I really don't use beads all that often. 

Do you think there is enough here to  make 25 items??
I think so!

If you have an over abundance of stuff... I challenge you to do the same.  

I guess you could call this a "Use it Up" challenge, taking an initiative from Bonnie....

To "Up the Ante" ....
Once I finish this challenge, if I have anything left in my "Challenge Box"
... I will give the contents away in a giveaway!!
This may seem counter productive since I am trying to make 
my money back on this stuff, but that will push me to actually use this stuff, ya know???