Friday, April 6, 2012

Found it!!!

Found the rainbow center for the hairclip and went ahead sewed it on.

^ This was taken with my tablet.  Once I get my homework done I'll scan it for a better picture. :o)

New picture:

much better picture :o)

****UPDATE*****:  This the center for Iris Neibach's "Nora" doily from Tatted Doilies.

and of course, in my own Rainbow-licious Size 40


  1. looks good, you didn't tell us where you found it.

  2. ooooooo..... **looking down ashamedly** Right inside our front door, right by the stairs, is a "bookshelf" (we keep shoes in it). I sat it down on top of the bookshelf and sat the bag of hairclips on top of it.

    So I had walked by that spot several times and saw the bag of hairclips, but never thought to pick up the bag and look under it. How sad is that??

  3. that just means you had other things on your mind. we all do it.

  4. That is seriously pretty! Did you already mention the pattern source?

  5. Monica, I did a couple posts back, but Thank you for bringing it up. I'll add it now.