Sunday, April 15, 2012

Peacockery, and many thanks!

I first off want to say that I LOVE this pattern by Frivole!!!!!

It's a quick tat as well, which kind of surprised me. 

I've actually done 4 so far (in the last 24 hours, BUT I'm not done with the fourth just yet, and I dropped the shuttle with the heart attached between the seat and console of my car. :o(

Also, I messed up a little bit when cutting my threads on the one in the middle which is why it is destined to be forever attached to an ATC card via a little red brad lol. 

The one on the far right is the new Rainbowlicious (size 40)!

Do you like the first two??
They are both size 80 Tatilicious Peacock (I think it looks peacockish, don't you??)
The base thread is Lizbeth.  I am going to have two skeins in the shop sometime tomorrow. Because they are Lizbeth though, the skeins are only 40 yards. Well technically they are 40 meters, so they are about 43 yards.  But if you are going to get technical, my 50 yards meter skeins are actually 54.68 yards.

I scanned the threads, but I am very dissatisfied with how they look on my screen, so I'll photograph them tomorrow. 

Now a "thanks" to Sherry for posting a fabulous tutorial on how to do a spiral chain!
She may have posted it in 2007, but I only found it last week, so.. yea...

Before Sherry, my lame attempt at a Josephine chain to finish a bookmark.

After Sherry, this thread is some of the thread that I had dyed as it was wrapped around a ~2 inch cardboard piece. You may or may not remember it.  The base thread was some vintage thread. 

Pretty crazy how much her method helped huh??

Now.... Has anyone else gotten Karey Solomon's Bouquet of Bookmarks??
I really like the designs in it, but they are not easy (at least not for me)
Part of my problem may be that there aren't any diagrams and reading is already an issue for me.
But, I knew that there weren't going to be any diagrams so that's not a complaint!

I'll try to post some pictures of my several attempts at a few of the patterns. lol


  1. I love the peacock thread - gorgeous colours! I'm off to look for the heart pattern, it looks great. Thank goodness for the wonderful tutorials that help us improve technique.

  2. Your new colors are sooo nice, love them!And you are right, the heart is pretty!Happy tatting monday!

  3. You have dyed another beautiful thread! I'd like to know... how do you tat while driving? ; )

  4. thank you jane and gunhild!
    Diane, very carefully??. no, just kidding!
    I will however admit to tatting at red lights, waiting on trains, and even sometimes on I-240 when there is a traffic jam and the cars are all going about 0-5 miles an hour. It was the sudden putting down of the tatting after waiting on the seriously long train that caused me to lose my shuttles temporarily yesterday.

    no txting while driving!
    no tatting while driving!
    ... you might lose your shuttles!!

  5. Great hearts and pretty threads!! :)

  6. LOVE the peacock colorway! (Good name too, by the way:)