Thursday, September 27, 2012

Must document before gift giving.


oh goodness!!!!!

Okay, I am about to give my cousin her new bookmark.  Literally, going to leave any minute.

However, I had a certain "freak out" moment of "AHH! I actually finished a project and don't have a picture!!"


So, here is it, the finished product!!

Tat-ilicious size 60 Bahamas and Susie Sunshine
Jane Eborall's Fandango Bookmark
With a alternating encapsulating tail (?)

No ends were hidden in this bookmark lol

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Working Variegated-s together.

I will admit, usually 2 different variegated threads clash and look horrid. But sometimes working two together, looks fabulous!

I'm working on Jane Eborall's Fandango Bookmark for my cousin who has just had a birthday today!
I'm using size 60 Bahamas and Susie Sunshine.

I thought these two colorways would look good together by wrapping them up together like this:

This really does look better in person... this scan kind of looks like crud, in person though... it's gorgeous-ness.  :o)

What variegateds have you tried together??

Monday, September 24, 2012

Exploring my Bead-ability

First off, Thank you for all the wonderful comments yesterday!  They helped with my stress level.

Since Livi decided that she wanted to give away the other bookmark, I have decided to make myself one.

So as you might be able to tell, I am exploring my bead options.  I actually threaded these onto the shuttles, and I am attempting the make all the places that have beads to have them in a 4 bead diamond shape.

The beads on the chains on the bottom have 3 beads because when I do the other side, I plan to add the fourth bead on the core thread just like the there is one bead on the core thread on this chain.
Does that make sense?

Has anyone tried that before?
I really don't even know if it'll work.
I'm going to find out though :o)

Also, I meant make this only 4 "eyes" long, but I accidentally made another joining ring on the top.... and then I was going to do just 5 "eyes"...
As you see, I forgot yet again to make an end clover up top, 
so I guess this bookmark will be at least 6 "eyes" long.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

This is what I should not have been working on this weekend!

Julie Patterson's "Eye Spy"
from Just Marking Tome 
Tat-ilicious size 60 "Young Hearts"

This weekend, I should have been studying for my Italian and Microbiology test that is tomorrow.
However, instead, I found myself stuck at Chris's apartment because his mom was having some sort of paranoid anxiety/ major depressive episode.  Of course, I find it EXTREMELY difficult and even very very frustrating to try to study with any distractions.  So, I saved myself the headache and just worked on this bookmark.  I really like it.  I didn't get one of the rings good and closed at the end.  The thread had gotten wet, so I knew that if I pulled on it that the thread would break, which would mean more stress on me.  I was stressed out enough by not being able to study so I left it as it was. 
I plan to take a needle and tidy up the tassel (which is my first attempt at a tassle!) and I will make the open ring look more presentable then.  It could also use some blocking. 
Livi wants to give this bookmark to her teacher.  I told her that was fine by me. :o)

I found this in my room the other day.  I made it a few months ago for Val, but right before I went to send it, I lost it.  Now, that I have found it, I may just have to pop it in the mail. :o)

Now, I must study.  I will hold my screaming panic inside for now.  But later, if you hear a scream... it may be me.  I might need a good scream before I am able to actually sit down and concentrate.  
It has just been one of those kinds of weekends!

Friday, September 21, 2012

What a Day!! :o)

So, our day started out at the Tiger Walk!!

Livi got good and sweaty! 

Then I went to Hobby Lobby and got this frame for my prize doily!
This frame is the kind that has a hinge door to the front.  Then it has a batting that keeps your stuff stationary.
I am hoping that this a good way to show it/ preserve it.

If you haven't noticed, I added a link to the side of my blog to an article on preserving textiles.  

I can summarize what I "know" to this:
Open air is bad, because dust is mostly human skin which = acid... bad!
Moist areas are bad because they equal microbial growth.... which also means acid.
Frequent washing is bad because it threatens the integrity of the fibers themselves.

In the article that I read, it suggested cycling your textiles pieces.  Storing them for 3/4 of the year in a cool dark environment and then displaying them the other 1/4 of the year.  
Sounds good if you can remember to change them out. 

I also started a little scrapbook of my tatting.  That's just so that the pieces are just left wherever I finish them.
It's funny, I find half finished motifs all over the place.  I guess they just get tucked in whatever bag I'm using and then eventually fall out. lol
Do you have this same problem at your home?
And Where do you store your finished pieces?

I also got some more thread dyed last night. 
CrazyMom doesn't know it just yet (though I am sure she will once she sees this)
But one of these skeins is going to be traveling to her house soon.  It's part of her giveaway winning.
She said I could choose her thread color, and since she seemed particularly fond of the "Torch Lily" that I used to make my coin purse a little while back... I decided to dye some more. :o)

I am out of size 40 right now.  So, I only dyed up size 20 this time.  I really love how it turned out though, so I will be doing more!  I will try to get the 20s in the shop by tonight! 

I LOVE these colors:
I want to do a colorway similar to this.
What do you think?

Vera Bradley tech accessory

Yes, right now it looks like a blob

Well, I am done with the first 3 rounds.  For some reason, I thought this would take much longer than it has.

is in serious need of blocking!!

Can you tell that some of my long chains on the last round look better than others?
About half way through, I decided that the chains would be much prettier if I just used the second shuttle and unflipped stitches.  It worked very well.  I just wish that I had thought to do that on ALL the chains.
I will however be doing that for this next round...

Which has MORE LOOOOONG chains lol

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the thread is size 60, my own "Young Hearts", which is now in the shop! But, not in size 60, only 20 and 40.  This thread won me a blue ribbon at the Delta Fair earlier this month!!

Now, I must really go to bed since I am supposed to be going to the Tiger Walk with Livi in the morning!! Woohoo!!

Thank you to everyone that donated to her Fundraiser today and yesterday!
She appreciated it very much!

She thinks (or hopes rather) that the money raised will be enough to earn her class an ice cream party.
Thanks to the ones that donated, she has another $80+ to send in!
Thank you so much!
Y'all are such a blessing!!

And if you couldn't donate but wanted to do so:  We really do understand that times are tough, so we understand completely! :o)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

200th post and a Special One Time Offer! (One Day Only!)

The fact that this in my 200th post is actually just coincidental.  (But cool, don't get me wrong!)

Okay!  Livi (my 5 year old daughter for those who may not know) is having a fundraiser at school.  This fundraiser is the "Tiger Walk", apparently it's their biggest fundraiser of the year.

If you would like to donate to Livi's fundraiser, you can do so with the button above.
Livi would certainly very much appreciate it!

**Update**  Any and all donation amounts will be GREATLY appreciated!

Now, for the Special Offer:
If you donate $20 or more, I will dye a full ball of thread for you.  I will dye it either to be a Messy Jess!-y , which will be unique and included colors of your choosing.
OR I can dye the thread with the colors of one of my colorways.

When you donate, please include your requested colors and or colorway in the comment box!

I will cover the cost of the ball of thread, the dyeing and shipping and give your entire donation to Livi's school. 

Please give me at least a couple of weeks to get your thread dyed and mailed to you. (I am in school and I don't want to rush the dyeing process and mess up)

As far as what kinds of balls of thread:  If Handy Hands sells it, I will dye it. 

If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment. 

Thank you in advance to any takers of this deal!
Because my funds are limited, my donation to the school would be limited. 
So, this is less about selling thread, and more about turning my service or niche into a donation to my child's school.  So, I am very appreciative of your help with making that happen. :o)

I have also dyed and listed the "Young Hearts" colorway!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeling Box-y!

Okay, a little back story....
A few days ago, I got a link to blog that had printable tags.  The tags were super cute BUT when I went to look at their other printables.... I found this:
DIY cutout pendants

Which got me to thinking about this:
Jane Eborall's Diamond Motif

These ideas together, compelled me to tat this:

I think a bunch of these joined together in the style of the pendant would be fabulous!

I need a little insight!

Do YOU think it looks good the way it is (with the navy border on the sides) OR should I do the sides of the boxes in just one color/ one vaigated and then just do the "open top" of the box the dark color?

I personally am leaning more towards, leaving off the "border" and just tatting the top in the separate/ darker color.

Because these diamonds are really pretty simple, they are good walking around motifs!
Which means I can tat on them while walking to class.  .... I'll work on a borderless version tomorrow! (in my spare , walking time)  If I am sitting, I need to be studying for my Biochem exam that is on Thursday!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tatting Along, and some of my recent between classes tatting

I am tatting along with Jon and Tatland with the Norman Benporath lace mat pattern that Jon so graciously charted.  Charts are so much easier to follow that written patterns.

I know they are harder to produce in some ways.  But they do make so much difference!

Thank you Jon for charting this beautiful pattern!

So here is my current progress:
I am using size 60.  This thread is the thread that I won a blue ribbon for at the fair this year.  It's "Young Hearts".  I have a promised colorway to dye this weekend but after I do that one I will do the first batch of "Young Hearts" for the shop! It's gorgeous so I think it's going to be a huge hit!!

And here is some of my tatting from this week:
The top right corner is my Starflower and Frivole's gorgeous creative little butterfly, Papillon both tatted in Karey Solomon's gorgeous HDT! This one is "Unicorn"!!

In the top Left corner, I am attempting Fox's Evelyn, but I think my doodad, while gorgeous, is a little small.  So I may have to do some slight tweaking to make it work.  Also, I want to redo with the rings attaching to doodad as Loop Tatted Rings.  Can you see the glitz?  The doodad has Swarovski crystals and the beads Swarovski crystal bicones.  They are so pretty!  I could go broke buying them.  I sure do talk a good plan to use beads, don't I?
I think it's the fact that you have to actually plan them and put them on the shuttle that bothers me most.  If I do try it.  I end up with a whole slew of beads together because I put to little thread in between them when loading the shuttle. OR I spend forever trying to unload between beads because I put too much thread.   How do you know much thread to load between each?  

**UPDATE**: Oh yeah! On the bottom, dark rainbow.  At some point I was away from the computer and my tatting book, so I decided to start a Spinning Wheel Glass Mat. (by MK)

So, some of the winnings for this past giveaway came today:


Some are the Swarovski crystals, some are Miracle Beads, which look really cool!
A couple of doodads!
And some size 15 seed beads!

One thing that I like to do with giveaways is to buy fun supplies, and then share them with my winner.  That way, they win, I win... we all win.  It's fun!

Also, the winners, will be receiving one crystal doodad, just like the one that I am attempting Fox's Evelyn around. :o)

I hope to do another giveaway soon!  So be on the lookout!

I will leave you with this!
Jane Eborall's Stinky the Skunk!
I tatted him at Tat Days!
Tat-ilicious Fireflies and Pastel Rainbow! (size 40)
The beads for his eyes are Swarovski pearls and he has a mood bead for a nose!
So, if he's in a good mood... you are safe..

Right now, his bead looks between blue and purple, so I think we are safe!
But, don't mention his gimp back leg too loudly or his condition may change lol

Friday, September 14, 2012

Winning Winners and my winnings!

I know I said I was only going to pick one winner.  BUT I am feeling extra generous and I loved all the comments SOO much that I decided to let the random number generator generate me two numbers instead of one.

Those numbers were:
 18) Crazy Mom Tats!
and 24) Ladytats


So, what's the SURprize???

Well, I ordered it the other day and it should be here tomorrow.  (poor planning on my part)
SO.... I'll show it tomorrow. 

My winnings!
Earlier this week I went and picked up my doily that I entered into the fair. 
With my 4 blue ribbons and 1 Best of Show ribbon
I won $55 
How cool is that??

AND a lady that was there invited me to a Quilt and Fiber Art Show that will be in November.
I *might* do another vendor thing there too with my hdt and demonstrate tatting. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pretty! New colors from Lizbeth? (VERY short post)

Have you noticed the new colors on the Lizbeth color chart??

I shouldn't, but I really like Herbal Garden (I always thought Lizbeth would come up with camouflage thread... even though I think my Camolicious is better lol)
Also, Elderberry Jame and Grape Pomegranate look yummy!

Really, since I dye, I don't buy many variegateds, but I will be picking up some Poppy Red once it's available!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Tat Days items... and more colorways in the shop

So, I have A LOT of thread!  I still have not counted every one of them.  BUT, if I knew I had a colorway, I went ahead and listed it with a number of skeins that I was certain that I had.  This way, I don't have to physically count them all.  So, as they sell, I will add to the number Etsy shows. Does that make sense?

That also means that if you want more skeins that what is listed, ask me, because I might have more in my stash!

I also have 2 new colorways!
Blue Tango and Dark Rainbow!

So here is some of the stuff that came home with me from Tat Days!

Books! Easy Tatting, is for Livi.  She "won" it from the Auction that was after the banquet because she was under 4 ft tall.  She was VERY proud to have won this book!
I just HAD to pick up "Fun with Split Ring Tatting"!!!
The frame is from HJ Hess, such a sweet sweet lady!  

Now, while I'm not completely off clovers... I do enjoy the bobbin shuttles! 
So, I "needed" one of Jane's Bobbin Holder Pouches
and I also "needed" a hook with a hat from Sally!!

THREAD!! I actually bought 2 from Karey, but I could wait to take a picture and have already unwound 2 of them!
I was also priveldged with the opportunity to do a little thread for thread sway with Marilee (Yarnplayer)
The sweet dangle is from Marie Smith, and is Jane Mclellan's design!  So sweet!

And who could POSSIBLY pass up a chance at a GR-8 shuttle! Especially when you get pick one out instead of getting a "random" one!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guess who has returned??? (and a GIVEAWAY!!)


We both had a blast!  Livi loved all the attention that she got from all the sweet, sweet people we met!
I did not get nearly as many pictures as I wanted or even that I intended to get.  I did manage to get a precious few though.!  This one is of Livi wearing that tiara that Mrs. Margaret W. so graciously gave her.  So sweet! She loves it and I will be putting it up for safe keeping! :o)

Here is a picture of Livi and myself with Marilee and JB!
Such sweeties!

Livi got the camera for a bit! 
Here are my two favorite pictures that she captured!
Love this lady!

These are of course of Jane! 

I also had a nice chat with Sharren.  She was fabulous as well!

She even gave Livi a little tatted Angel for being such a sweetheart. 

When Livi wasn't being a social butterfly handing out suckers, she did spend a little time chilling under the vending table. :o)

One of the many times that Livi was seen captivating those near her. :o)

She also did all of my purchasing.  She didn't want any of my help.  If I wanted to buy something she would get my key, get the money, and take it over to Teresa at the register and pay for it. 

I was so proud of Livi this weekend, she was on her best behavior!
I got many compliments on her overall wonderfulness!

I will post pictures tomorrow of all the goodies I bought along with the very little that I actually tatted.
It was so funny that I went to Tat Days, but because I was so busy between being a vendor, being mesmerized by all the people, keeping tabs on Livi or helping Livi tat, I hardly picked up my shuttles at all. 
Go figure, right?

OH!!! And this IS my first blogaversary, so how about a little giveaway as well, huh?
The prize will be a SURprize! 
But undoubtedly it will included HDT.
(+ other goodies)

So, to enter, leave a comment on this post.  I will pick one random winner on Friday, September 14th. 

Also, as I count up how much thread in each colorway I still have left, I will be adding them to my Etsy shop.  
I have quite a bit left. :o)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Palmetto Tat Days!


I am picking Livi up from school in a little less than an hour.  From there, we will be on our way to Georgia!
I have a little over 400 skeins of thread to sell.  I also put a couple of kits together for a "DIY MOB Barrettes" that have hand dyed denim circles in them. I'm also thinking about putting some little kits together for "DIY MOB Pins". Fun, right??
I also purchased an assortment of "doodads" to offer!  They will range from 25 cents to $10.  I only have 4 of the ones that I am selling for $10 though.  They are SUPER pretty.  ALSO! I bought some of these cell phone charm "findings" (I guess that's what you'd call them)... but anyway, these are the normal kind, these plug into the headphone jack on your phone, so they could also be laptop charms too.  I will have about 20 of those to offer.  (These will be $1.50 ea.)
AND buttons and bob-eez!  LOTS of Bob Eez!!

So, if you are going to Tat Days, please come by my booth and visit me!

My "blogaversary" will be this weekend! (On Sunday)  I can not believe it has been a year already!

I plan to do a giveaway when I get back in town, so stay tuned!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Met a new tatter, got our picture taken, found out I won another blue ribbon!

Livi and I went to the fair tonight.  Mostly, we went so that we could meet Mrs. Phillips, a tatter here in Memphis who tats at the fair every year.  She was super sweet!  I told her we should get together soon and tat. :o)  She had seen my blog before, but didn't realize that I lived in her neck of woods.  
So excited to live near another tatter!

But, since we were at the fair, Livi and I stopped at the Antique photo booth. 

This is my first professional picture of Livi and I.
Livi had the option of me holding a fan, money, or whiskey.  She chose whiskey.  The photographer chose the money bag lol

And a solo of my girl.  She's so sweet!

Remember this thread?  Well, I talked to Karen (in OR) and we have decided this will be perfect for the "Young Hearts" colorway that she suggested way back when. 
She had sent me this picture as a inspiration for color, there are so many wonderful colors in this picture. 
I'm sure there would be a great many colorways that come out of this one picture!


OH!! And the reason I bring up the thread is that I found it at the fair! It also got a blue ribbon.  I didn't have my phone or a camera, so I didn't get picture.  My friend looked for it when she went to the fair last Friday, but it was hard to find! :o)

**** Also, I have put my Etsy shop on vacation so that I can get the final organizing touches on my inventory.  Since I have never done anything "vendor"-ish... I feel completely lost.  Should I make signs?
Should I just lay them out on the table?  I don't have each skein labelled.  That probably would have been nice, but it's too late for that.  I have receipts!  At least I have that.  I plan to charge $7 + tax for each skein... I guess I could make a sign that says something to that effect. 
Which also  reminds me, I need to find the key to my lockbox and go to the bank and get "change"

So many things to remember.  Atleast tatters are the best and I have a feeling that everyone will take it easy on me for my first vending experience! 

"Mother of Pearl" got a little makeover

Hmmm..... Well, I'm a little shocked by this scan. Why?

Well, any other time that I took any photo of "Mother of Pearl", the lighter one looked gray/white, pink, and blue.  Even in plain daylight... that's how it looks.

But, next to the "newer" version, that has all the same dyes as the original, only darker.... you can actually see that there are 5 different colors in the lighter version.

I guess that just goes to show that all things really are relative. :o)

Just as a reminder... here's a picture of this same lighter version:

pretty crazy huh???

Well, I still like the new one.  It shows the colors better.  Even though this scan really doesn't show them all that well... which again... is tripping me up a little. 

Who knows! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

When size matters

On top LadyShuttleMaker's Enchantment size 100, on bottom, my Tat-ilicious Fancy Fields size 20.

I redyed some Fancy Fields for Tat Days.  I used a sample sized skein to make Livi another Starflower MOB.  This one fits on the button that's on her hairclip right now, but I think I should make another clip with a bigger button, so that this motif won't fall off like the other one did.

That is why the motif fell off, the button was too small.  

Now, the size 100, well... the button is entirely too big for this tiny motif.  It's so cute though. :o)

Livi is SOOO excited about going to Tat Days this week.  Every few minutes she'll ask me "How many more days until we go to Georgia?"  She's already packed like 5 bags for the trip.  AND she tells EVERYONE that we are going to Georgia after being at school for three days so that we can go to Tat Days.
I think she might even be more excited than myself, if you can believe it. 

We even went and bought a bag of mini tootsie pops and she is planning to hand them out to everyone.  Also, she has beaded a necklace with the beads that Diane sent her and she is planning to sell it at my booth with my thread. 

As far as dyeing goes... I plan to do one more small batch tonight and then I'm done.  I've done A LOT of dyeing to prepare for this weekend.  I'm not quite "dyed-out", but I would like to take off a day or two lol.
Really, it's not the dyeing that is tiring.  That part is fun.  It's the winding and then the washing that's exhausting. 
It's all worth it though. <3<3<3