Sunday, July 21, 2013

Free shipping and an interesting predicament...

First off!  I'm offering Free Shipping this week in the Etsy shop using the code "freeshipping"

I am trying to get everything together for the move and it would help greatly to move some more thread.  I'm so scared that they are going to get lost in the move somehow.  Hopefully I'm just being paranoid though. :o)


So, when I started this doily of Livi's , I couldn't be bothered to actually look at the original pattern.  I mean, if Tatting with a 4 Square, doesn't have patterns, and I've already tatted one of the pieces... then why look at the original picture again, right?

So, I just looked on to doily I did last year for reference.  That is, until I got further on this one than I did the last one.  Then I broke out the book to make sure there weren't extra stitches slipped in that I had forgotten. 

I flipped through the book, didn't see the pattern.  Flipped back through... still on doily that looked like mine.  At the point I was very puzzled. Then I looked at the first doily in the book and suddenly remembered what had happened!

Last year, I wanted to make this doily and I really liked the triangles that were created with the negative space.  But those triangles were added until like row 15.  And, I was NOT going to tat 15 rows.
This is really all well and good except that Livi wants the doily to be bigger... so I will just keep on, making educated guesses how and where to add extra stitches.  
Or maybe I'll come up with something different all together.... who knows!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Livi's doily update

Got batteries for my camera! YAY!

So, here is an overdue update of Livi's doily.  It's going to be quite bigger than the one I made last year.  Livi will make sure of that! lol

So far the colors are (from inside to outside): Cream, Sugar Plum, Purple medium, Pink Medium, Navy Blue, Sugar Plum, Cream, Raspberry Pink Medium, Seagreen Light, Purple Medium, Pink Medium, Raspberry Pink Medium. 

OR!!! 610, Sugar Plum HDT, 632,622,654,Sugar Plum HDT, 610,624,686,632,622,624

Those numbers correlate to Lizbeth's numbering sytem, of course, and I've used size 40, per (my) usual! :o)

You can get your own Sugar Plum HERE!

Livi has told me that I will be able to use the Sugar Plum again, but not yet. AND she doesn't want it to be on the outside round.  She's being quite picky.
I will say that I have had to limit her on color choices though.  She's has asked to put red, yellow and lime green in it.  
I talked her out of them though and promised her a doily one day that has all of my solid colors in it. :o) 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This photo is actually from the last batch, but it looks almost identical this time around. :o)

I have both size 20 and size 40 this time!

I'm excited, I'm working on a small piece with it now.  I need batteries for my camera though or I'd show ya :o)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How would YOU go about this?

I have some very precious doilies that need washing and very likely, blocking.  These doilies are from my grandmother and my great grandmother.  They are both crochet.  The plan is to wash, block, and frame them so that my Mom can give them away to her brothers and sisters as presents.  So, how would you go about it?

As you will, they are quite dirty.  Unfortunately, we had a house fire in 2004, so, the dirt that is on them is probably soot.

Of course, I would like to get this done before we move in August, but I don't want to rush them either.

They are gorgeous, aren't they?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Livi wants a doily!

I started the center of this doily, just to show off the new "Sugar Plum" HDT.  Livi liked it so much though, that she asked if this one would be for her.  I said "Yes, of course!".  How could I not, right?

So, she's been helping me pick out the colors. :o)

The pattern is the same one as this one, that I did last year:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tat Days and Sugar Plums!

As it stands now, I am not planning on attending or even visiting Tat Days this year.  Life is just too crazy right now to be making those kind of plans.  I am however sending my thread!  So, for all of you that are planning on attending, you can look forward to my thread being in the vending room!

This means that I have a huge job of labeling and super organizing all the skeins!  Last year, I ran my own cashbox, so the skeins didn't need to be labelled in any specific way.  So, it's been quite the job!

Here are just part of the 20s that are being sent!

So, even with this task to overcome, I did get a small batch of thread dyed!  It's so pretty!  The blues are actually more teal in real life.  Once I get to the store and get some batteries, I'll be able to take a picture with a flash, which may bring out those teal-er tones. :o)

Not too much tatting going on lately though 

Seems like every free moment I find, it gets filled quickly with requests to play Barbie, or to make food.... or keep packing!