Monday, April 30, 2012

Mentally crossing my fingers...

I tried my first attempt at redyeing tonight!  Since the last skein of Fancy Fields sold this weekend, I thought it would be wise to go ahead and redye that colorway.  So, even though I am not superstitious in any way (in reference to the finger crossing title)... I am hoping that it will turn out all right. :o)
I did at least 2 of the 100 yard skeins in size 20, and at least 1 100 yard skein in size 40 (or maybe I have that backwards?) But I will have 2 skeins of size 60 and 2 skeins of size 80!   Fun, fun huh????

ALSO!!! I have 2... count 1....2 finals TODAY! (one in eight hours, one in ten and half hours)  So, I will resume my night before exam/s freak out cramming session now!


  1. I hope you were able to replicate your dyeing ok. I quite like the freedom of dyeing for myself and not worrying about repeating anything. I hope your exams went off well, fingers crossed you got the questions you wanted!

  2. Hope your threads and your exams work out just the way you want them to!

  3. good luck on the dyeing and the finals.
    you will do well on both, I have no doubt