Thursday, February 28, 2013

Short update of the Square Doily

First off, here is the link to Debbie Arnold's fabulous pattern:

I haven't had any problems with just going by the diagram on the first page, but maybe you would find the written pattern on the following pages helpful :o)

She also gives suggested colors, though really, the way I read it, they aren't so much suggestions but rather references between her tatted model and the color coding on the pattern.  But either way, I like to use my own mix of colors. :o)

 So, here it is so far: I LOVE it!!
Isn't it neat how the colors pooled in the Carnival?  I love how there's yellow in each corner and in the middle of each side. :o)

And a detail of what I added since the last post:
As you can I see, I did add the carnival and Lime and then the two additional rows are Lizbeth 657 Bright Turquoise Dk and Lizbeth 632 Purple Md. (which I use A LOT! It seems to go with everything!)

I also ordered more thread. Mostly, so that I could add some more coordinating colors but also because I really value a well coordinated solid in most (if not all) projects and was wanting to expand my selection!

I really think that the Ocean Teal Md will be a good match for Parakeet dye, which is used in Carnival, Coconut Island, Madder Tatter, 4-Eva, and Bahamas.  (Can you tell I really like LOVE that color?)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I always have lots of stuff in progress.  Not all of them are tatting related but this one is:

I've started Debbie Arnold's Square Doily.  So far, this has been really fun.  I like how the colors are coming together as well.  These colors are Carnival and Lizbeth Azalea Md. and for the next round, I'm adding Lizbeth Lime green into the mix!

I personally can't wait to see what this looks like finished!

I've been working on tassels and tails also!
I didn't feel like tatting another bookmark just yet, but I do plan to tat up some tails and tassels for when I do!

Over the weekend I got my earlobe repierced since one of them had closed up.  I am so excited, I'll actually be able to tat earrings for me to wear!!  

Livi also got her ears pierced this weekend!  Fun!  She loves them and she has been doing so well to not touch them! 
We actually went to an actual tattoo piercing shop to get them done because I am very much against piercing guns for many reasons.  It was somewhat comical that I sat and tatted while waiting for the piercer to get done with a tattoo. lol

Hope you all have a great week!  I have midterms to study for, so unless I get more thread dyed I may not be back this week!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yummy!! Looking for Tassel tips

Here is Julie Patterson's Eye Spy pattern!  This pattern is so much fun!
I've paired my new Taffilicious with Lizbeth Azalea Md. (Both size 40... of course!)

I've used one my miracle glowing beads at the tassel.  The bead looks good, but the tassel is a little weak.  I may actually remove that part... does anyone have some good tassel making tips??

I know you have them! If you are like me and don't have tasseling tips then you are probably like me again and would like some tips. Right?

Also REMEMBER!  All this week, coupon: FREESHIPPING will get you free shipping.  This is open to domestic and international orders!  I just ask that if you are international that you order more than one skein since shipping is the same and in some cases more than the cost of one skein.  :o(


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This week only: free shipping!!

Coupon code is "FREESHIPPING"

Just please, if you are international, only use this coupon if you are purchasing more than one skein.  I do need to make some money after all. :o)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a Mess!!!

Okay, I'll admit it.  I really like this Heart to Heart bookmark pattern by Julie Patterson!
Maybe, it's because it's a quick tat and it makes me feel more accomplished since I don't get much tatting time.  Or... Maybe, just because it's adorable...who knows!
On the left, Carnival and on the Right a new MJ: Wildberries

Wildberries-  I'd have a naming competition for this one but since it's a Messy Jess!-y... I really can't afford to give one away.  Regular colorways that I can repeat will only be playing part in those games. :o)

This is another Messy Jess!-y, which I just can't help but to call Taffilicious because of this photo:

This is thread I showed in my last post, when I did my first heart to heart bookmark. :o)
I only have a few of these skeins, but my plan is to get them in the shop today.
I really love how they turned out and I hope to do something similar again soon!

And some fun photos:

Layla found one my shuttles and has been playing with it all morning.  I also really need to vacuum the rug lol

Livi has now lost 5 teeth!  (3 that are missing now)  She's finding it harder to talk now.  ALSO, we got a letter from the school the other day saying that she's reading at a 1.3 grade level. (She's in kindergarten now) We are so proud of her!  <3
Can you guess what she had for breakfast?  Probably not... she requested a mustard and tomato sandwich.  :o) (hence the mustard on her face)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Julie Patterson's Heart to Heart

That's it.... no more explanation, other than it's Julie Patterson's pattern from Just Marking Tome.  I think that's the title anyway.
I will explain the thread later. :o)

Still taking tests.... thank you everyone for the wonderful wishes of luck on my last post!  They were must appreciated!! <3<3<3

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I know, I know... it's too soon... sorry!!

I know I just released "Carnival"..... too much fun back to back is bad, right?
Well, I just couldn't hold this one back any longer.
But, I have two major exams this week... Biochemistry II and Evolution so I doubt there will be any more dyeing this week.

I took a stab at naming this one myself and came up with "Coconut Island"
Isn't it lovely??

Hope you all have a good week!! <3

Saturday, February 9, 2013

And Carnival it is!!

Well, with the votes being 22/13 in favor of Carnival, I will now call the win to Tatterjill for suggesting Carnival!!
I loved all the names! Thank you to everyone that submitted a name and that came back to vote on a name!

"Carnival" is now listed in the shop. Since this is a very reproducible colorway, if it does happen to sell out, I will dye some more. :o)
 You will find the link to the listing -------------------------------------> on the side!!

This weekend, I finally finished the "Jensaras" I was working on for my friend's baby's first birthday!
Don't they look super cute on my Build a Bear Panda??

We decided to name these barefoot sandals "Jensaras" since my friend's name is Jen and her baby's name is Sara.  I think it's a cute name! :o)  I'm thinking about selling them in the Etsy shop. 

And because I love "Eye Candy", Here will the next colorway.  I REALLY REALLY like this one!  Though, really, I really really like  most of my colorways. ( Lets face it... I love color!) This one especially appeals to me for some reason.  Maybe, because I tend to like browns.

The pattern for this is from Jon's Elegant Tatting Gems

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I do love to play with dyes!

You know, it seems almost fitting, though it was not planned, that these sit on my Evolution book.
So, after the "impossible" to recreate "Mauvelous Rose" the other day, I just really had the desire to dye a new colorway that was reproducible.

This one doesn't have a name though. 

So, how about a lightning fast giveaway to find a name for this beauty?

You comment with a name, TODAY only!  Then tomorrow, or later tonight, I'll learn how to do a poll and you can come back to vote on a winning name. 
Are you up for it??

This will give me time to actually tat a sample of it before listing it and I'll even send one skein to the winner. I only have size 20 and 40 though.

I can't wait to see what y'all come up with!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mauvelous Rose is now listed!

Isn't it lovely?  I like it.  I've named it Mauvelous Rose since I do realize that "mauve" is actually a grayish purple.  This batch is definitely more towards the rose spectrum but I just really love the name "mauvelous"

But, Mauve does seem to be a very broad term that encompasses many shades. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Doesn't this look Mauvelous?

WARNING!  This thread has just been dyed, and is still wet.  So, once it sits and gets washed, it will look a little bit different... but not too much different... so I don't feel bad getting everyone a little excited about this batch.

This was a complicated batch.  I wanted a "Mauve-y pink" colorway, but I don't own any mauve.  So, every dye used in this batch had to mix up especially for this.
What does that mean? 
This is probably the only batch that will be done of this particular colorway.  I wrote down everything that I did, while I was doing it, but I ended up having to dilute the dyes several times and only used tiny amounts of dyes.  I just really don't think I could bear to put myself through that again.

So, please!  Get one while you can!  I really do think this is going to be a gorgeous colorway. :o)
It will probably be listed sometime tomorrow.
I've also done some Messy Jess!ys that I just haven't listed.  I may list them as well.

In fact, I recently got myself this rolling cart with a bunch of trays in it.   It's supposed to just hold inventory but of course, it's holding all my tatting/ craft supplies.  I have one tray just about half full of Messy's that just haven't been listed for one reason or the other. Mostly, the reason is I've been lazy or otherwise too busy to properly photograph them.

I tatted up another one of my more glorified Starflower... 
 This one is in Periwinkle and Seagreen Light size 40 Lizbeth

I don't know if you have noticed, but USPS has significantly increased the price of international shipping.  I apologize that my international shipping rates have been increased due to this change.  It is rather unfortunate.