Saturday, April 28, 2012

So, the challlenge ball shall roll to Europe!

So, the "True Random Number Generator" chooses Gunhild for the winner of the little ball of crazy items lol (plus some HDT, which always a plus!)

Thank you to everyone that entered!  

And Gunhild, if you could email me your info, that would be wonderful!


  1. Ohh, Jess!!! I've won, I 've won!!Yupidoohhhhh, can't beleave it!!! What a surprise to find your email!!!!Forgot the final date of the game, because I wasn't online 2 days, I saw only the actual entires ,-)))) Happy am I!!!! Does that mean I can try your wonderful HDTs *jumping around* Thank you!!!!And fun with all these little stuff!!!!Thankful regards from Gunhil

  2. Congratulations, Gunhild!!!

    Stephanie Grace