Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy International Tatting Day!!!

Introducing Pinkaholic!!!!

I will go ahead and list the skeins in the shop with these pictures, but tomorrow I will take pictures outside.  These turned out extra super pretty!  You are going to LOVE them!!

Here's one piece I tatted in it:

Size 40 Tatilicious Pinkaholic  The center round of Iris Neibach's Nora from Tatted Doilies 

I added hairbands to each side to get an idea of how hairbands can make any motif a bracelet.  I've been wanting to do something like that for awhile.  It would be better however I think to find a way to tat the ring around the hairband rather than tie the hair band to it. :o)

All size 40, top is Lizbeth Seagreen Light, Jon's overlapping chain bookmark
then the same motif as above, just without the hairbands, 
then Lizbeth Lime green and Turquoise Lt (I think) in a cross from Tatting Patterns and Designs

I've been wanting to try tatting on a ring, but I don't want to cover a cabone ring.  I just have no desire to do it.  However, these round beads fascinate me, so I shall try them.

(For Eliz and Randi, you can expect to see some of these beads in your packages)

And I was mistaken the other day.  These are Bob-eez, not EZ bobs.  I was not aware that there were two different kinds.  I like these though, they are very neat and very useful!!

If you want to order some of these from the shop, but you know that you want more than one, message me first and I'll set up a special listing because they are going to be priced to cover the bobeez itself ( $.50) and then also to cover the etsy and paypal fees along with shipping.  So, I would much rather not give etsy the 20 cent listing fee several times, and extend some type of saving to you.
Does that make sense?


  1. Happy International Tatting Day! I love your luscious new pink!

  2. How exciting, Jess. I love trying new things. Pinkaholic looks wonderful, too. Happy International Tatting Day to you and Livi.

  3. Pretty pink! And great tattings!! I love that bracelet! :)