Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I love surprises!

I found this little cutie in the mail today!! Michelle had sent it to me because she saw that I liked ladybugs.
Thank you Michelle! I really love it and I will cherish it!
I love ladybugs! "Ladybug" was actually my nickname in the 8th grade. I even wore my the front of my hair up to look like antennae. It was fun.  :o)

Did you know that ladybugs are thought to be lucky?
I did not know that until this evening. 

I don't have any new tatting of my own to show.  In fact the only tatting I did today was a very last ring to finish up the heart that I had dropped in my car over the weekend.  I left it in the car though.. so I will show it another day.  

Now, I'll go back to studying!! 
My brain is already a little frazzled. 

This is me! lol
( @@  )
< (    u     ) >


  1. lucky you, pretty ladybug. a short nap or actually a good night's sleep should help with the frazzled brain.
    good luck with your exams this week.

  2. Cute!

    My aunt who is almost 97 years old has always had a collection of ladybugs and all my life I have been made constantly aware of the luck they hold.

    Unfortunately, I have had a life of rescuing them and releasing them to the outdoors! I NEVER kill or ignore them!

    I say unfortunate, because I have mainly lived in apartment buildings - not ever on the main floor, so the rescue missions have always been ... interesting!
    Fox : ))

  3. I love that ladybug. My daughters room is decorated in ladybugs. Does anyone know where to find that pattern?

  4. I'm so glad you like it! It's been a hard two weeks with a terrible cold so it's nice to have brightened someone's day!

    The pattern is Jon Yusoff's daisy with a little doodling in black to make the head.

  5. Thank you Ladytats, hopefully I will soon get to experience this "sleep" you speak of.
    Fox, I can just imagine some of the stories. I once spent the evening with a cricket. I was working at FedEx as a dangerous goods agent and this cricket found its way onto my bag, so I carried him around in my bag, when he finally decided to leave my bag, it was only because he got cozy on my arm. I thought it was kind of cute. His wings and legs worked just fine, so it's not like he couldn't hop or fly away whenever he wanted. So I just enjoyed his company for the evening. :o)
    Sherry, I bet a ladybug room would be soo cute!
    Michelle, Hope you feel better!!

  6. Cute Ladybug. Michelle did great.