Thursday, April 26, 2012


So my last couple of dyeing adventures, I have really loved.  I was starting to feel bad actually.  Thinking that maybe the only reason that I liked them because I had dyed them.
I now know, that is not the case.
Because... while this "Citrilicious" is pretty... and it's even vibrant.... I'm just not crazy about it. It's just not "me".  Go figure :o)

Tatted in size 80 Tatilicious "Citrilicious" (Lizbeth base)
In fact, I got so bored tatting with it that I finish Jon's Merriment doily short by one repeat.  Luckily it works with just 7 "arms"

OH!!! And I went back through all the pictures that I've posted here, and this makes number 94 or my 25 motif challenge... woops.
I guess I'll start back over after I finish 6 more motifs. (And this time I'll actually count along the way)


  1. Oh it's pretty. I can see it on a hankie or an edging on a little girl's dress or socks...
    You don't have to like everything, we do!

  2. I agree it would look good as an edging for a little girl's attire.
    I'm actually a little delighted that I don't like it. That sounds strange... but if I don't like it, the more likely I am to leave it in the shop. I won't be tempted to a bit for myself.

  3. seriously you chose the right.word...vibrant! that is a great mix of colors

  4. I like it. The colors remind me of a bowl of Starburst Fruit Chews. Love that candy!

  5. I love your HDT colours, bright and beautiful.

  6. Thank you all for the wonderful comments!! They made me smile :o)

  7. Good thing other people are loving it! I remember when I was designing jerseys and some of the ones I hated were the most successful.

  8. Those colors are fabulous and fun!!! :)