Saturday, April 7, 2012

The "I wish it were true" version and the "actually true" version

So, the other day "Karen in  OR" reignited my search for my lost tatting bag.  You know, the one I lost the day of my presentation.
So, I went to school and decided to check the library.  Maybe some good Samaritan saw my bag and took it to the library so that I could be reunited with it again.
 I walked into the library, not expecting much, the man behind the counter looked like he was eager to help me.  I asked "Do you have a lost and found?"
Him, "Why yes we do." "Hey! You don't happen to be looking for this gorgeous makeup bag filled with all sort of tatting goodies, are you?  We've been dying to know when the wonderful owner of this bag would finally come and claim it."
And then I say "Yes, I sure am" and I walk off into the sunset, singing "Reunited and it feels so good"...

and the real version:

I actually did go looking at the library.  They do have a lost and found, but they guy was a little annoyed that I had interrupted his phone call.  And there was no bright orange bag there for me.
So I went home with shrunken shoulders, feeling like I would never see my bag again.

I came home and try to get some work done.  Then I felt the need to look for Layla.  She usually sleeps under the desk on her little cat scratch post.  And right there, under the desk in a cardboard box...... my orange bag!!!

Seriously? I really think it took me going out and asking about it for my eyes to tell my brain "Hey dummy look there" Or would that be my brain told my eyes? Who knows... it doesn't matter. I have my bag back!!!

So, anyway, this all happened the other day.  While I really wanted to just tell the "I wished it happened this way" version as if it were true.... to make it into a feel good story. But, that's just really not my style.

  I don't like lying, it's too much work.

So yea.... but this way is fun, hopefully it was entertaining :o)


  1. Funny! I love the first really had me going ;) So glad you found your bag, such beautiful shuttles and thread.

  2. I'm so glad you found your bag! "Fairy tales can come true. It can happen to you, if you're young at heart!" Sometimes they just don't happen exactly the way we wish they would. : )

  3. Thanks Denise! They are lovely aren't they. BTW, love your name. My middle name is Denice. Why the "c"... who knows.
    Thanks Diane! Love that song! :o)

  4. It seems like it was a good season for "finding" at your house.

    Your "wish it had been" story lacked a fellow tatter to recognise you and become a new friend ;-)

    Glad you got that back, anyway. I have one small tatting box missing that *may* be in some of my several WIP bags...

  5. You had me going for a bit, although I did think it amazing that he recognized it as "tatting goodies." LOL So happy for you that you found your bag.