Thursday, March 1, 2012

I love the guessing games....

Okay... We'll do this one simply.... the first right guess is the winner.  You don't have to wait for comment approval here so you'll know if anyone has guessed yet.....

What pattern have I started here??  (Don't rely on counting rounds, I accidentally left one out.) Plus, I'm not done going around either, it's got a couple more rows around for the center piece.
I'm really hoping to finish this one.  I am SOOO bad about not finishing projects.

I feel a little bad, because I know not everyone can get this book, but from what I see, lots of people already have it.   (feel free to use that as a hint)

Prize:  A skein of this beautiful "Fancy Fields" in either size 20 or size 40.

I also have a question for everyone that has gone to Tat Days... Is it an event that I could bring Livi to?  I would love to go down there that weekend, but I would have to have Livi with me. 


  1. My guess is dahlia from Mary koniors a pattern book of tatting...

  2. You are too funny! Could it possibly be the rosette from Ruth Scharf's Tichsband?

    I wouldn't mind if Livi came along, but since I'm not attending, I don't think you can count my opinion!

  3. Oh my!!! Since so many patterns have a start close to that I am not sure, but it almost looks like the Sidekick doily I just finished, but your colors are prettier. :D
    If I win do I get a pretty pony like Livi's? :p

  4. You are right Julie! I'll email you for your address! Let me guess, size 40?

    Diane, you know what's really funny? When I started this one, my goal was to take a break from the never ending chains of the Tichsband, and then saw this pattern and "fell in love" lol But soon realized, it did not get me away from the never ending chain... go figure!

    Sue, I actually thought about your doily while I was tatting this. And, you'll have to take it up with Papaw, he's the man that deals out the ponies. He has between 8 and 10 horses of his own, and the pony for Livi and Payton( the other grandchild).

  5. Oh, how fun! I rarely win anything...had been leafing through that book just yesterday and thought just maybe it was that pattern when I saw your post, but so many patterns start with a rosette that I didn't expect to be correct :-)

  6. Ha! Ha! Those chains do seem never ending! Congratulations to Julie!

  7. Well, Jess, I would discuss that pony, but I am afraid I would have to explain to my hubby what I am doing with a pony and then explain where we will keep it in a city mobile home park in a single wide with 2 adult girls and how I will pay for it.......hmmmm....maybe it would be best to pass up this "want" for a little longer. :D But I am jealous anyway of that cutie and her pony! :)