Friday, March 23, 2012

I am 4'11.5"

So the winner of my "Fun Random Contest" is Randi
(So, Randi please email me because I don't have a way to email you)

I will also be picking a random winner tomorrow as well just because I very much enjoyed the enthusiasm :o)
SOO, if you haven't entered the giveaway, there is still time to enter for the drawing tomorrow!! (Saturday)

So... here's a funny story from my past:

As a young child, I was ALWAYS the tallest in my class. ALWAYS. I remember being in third grade, being embarrassed because while we all walked in a group, my head stuck out from the crowd.  Talk about awkward right?
BUT, being tall was a bragging topic around family, naturally.  So, when I was eight years old, I was so excited to tell my tall older cousin: "I'm 4' 11" and 1/2 inch.  Just a 1/2" more and I'll be 5 feet!!" I was beaming with pride.
I remember my cousin thinking I was so funny for being so proud of that 1/2 inch. lol

But, I never got that extra 1/2 inch.

My classmates soon passed me in height.  Countless times I've had the conversation with past classmates about how its so funny that I was so tall and then I got so short.

And yes, Karen, I probably will be the Pharmacist with the stool behind the counter :o)


  1. that is a funny story! i am a pretty short around my family. but see in my house, i have three extenders...azriel atreyu and anavay, if i can't reach something then i grab them up and they get it for me, which makes my sister laugh, cause my kids can reach stuff and i cant, and they are 5,5, and 4 :)

  2. That's funny! I would lift Livi but I think I'd pull something. lol She comes up to almost my shoulder now and weighs about 75 lbs at 4 years old. I think she's going to be like me though and stop growing young.

    That's so nice that you have three that are so close in age. Though I'm sure it has been stressful at times. I wish Livi had some siblings, but maybe one day :o)

  3. i am the shortest in my familys as well. 6 siblings and 7 children are all taller then I am at 5'2". my tallest child is a daughter who is 5'10", she was as short as her older sister when born, but grew an inch a month for the first 7 months. she literally would grow out of her clothes some days. . so if I needed anything up high, she always got called. now I have 2 sons in law who are over 6'5" and nice enough to reach things if I need them.

  4. Congratulations, Randi.
    Great story, Jess. I was always tallest until high school when the boys finally got some height. I was 6'. The last few years I've shrunk a couple inches with age. One son is 6'7" and the other 6'4". Fun contest. Karen in OR

  5. Well done Randi!

    I was going to add an extra half-inch to my guess, then changed my mind.


  6. Ladytats, 6'5" ? That's crazy tall. I dated a guy that tall once. lol I remember walking down the hall with him, my arm around his waist and the keys in his pocket would poke me the armpit. That must have looked so silly.
    Wow, Karen you are tall. Do you have trouble finding pants that are long enough? I have trouble finding pants that are short enough. Usually I just settle for capris for pants lol