Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Fun random giveaway

What's the prize, you ask?  I don't know yet, definitely  HDT and maybe some more goodies.  It'll be good though!!
Here's how to enter.....

Guess how tall I am, that's all.

I am pretty sure that I have not blogged about it, so it will be a pretty random guess.  The first person to guess my height correctly will win.  If no one guesses correctly then I'll use a random number generator to get a random winner on Saturday.

So, to guess just submit your guess as a comment on this post.

Good luck!!!

***UPDATE*** 17 guesses, but none correct...  interesting.


  1. Lol, I am going to guess 5'4" because that is how tall I am :D

    Hope I am at least close, giggles

  2. What a funny thing to guess about!! Hmmmm, I'm going for 5' 3 1/2". Half inches are VERY important, I think!!!

  3. Fun idea!

    I am thinking of having a giveaway but not sure if I'll give it any "theme" or something yet...

    My guess: 5' 5" (that's taller than me ;-) )

  4. My Guess is 5'2"
    very interesting and fun.

  5. Well, I'm betting you're a tall girl! About 5'7".
    What a fun, goofy contest!
    Katie V in NC katie at r-v-r dot com

  6. I guess 5'0" - way shorter than me. Karen in OR P.S. Will you be the pharmacist who stands on a stool behind the counter?

  7. for some reason I think of you as on the short side. I was thinking on the lines of 5'1 or so, just a bit shorter then me.

  8. OK - 5'3"! I think you are vertically challenged like me :)

  9. For no good reason at all, I think you are 5'4, and three quarters.

    Did you ever find your stamp?

  10. I'm gonna put you at a tall girl, like me. 5'11 (and three quarters...)

  11. I just got an email from Eliz aka Tatknot, she votes 4'9"

    No correct guesses yet, but I'm thinking this is fun!

    Michelle, I did find the other stamp, but also got one from Sherry that I like better :o)

  12. I'm guessing 5'5 (1/2) Good a guess as any lol

  13. I'll guess 4'7"...but just for fun, I am playing with the gorgeous threads you sent from your last game and it's someone else's turn.

  14. I am going to say 5'5 3/4"
    : ) Fox

  15. I'll go for 4'11".

    They say the best things come in small packages! :)

  16. My guess is 4'11.5".
    I really like your name 'Damask Fragment' for the mat you are making from your new motif pattern. Visualize it made into a long scarf!