Friday, March 30, 2012

She is such a joy!

Livi wanted to help me dye this afternoon.  She went running around the house shouting:
"Mommy and I are going to dye!!!" "I'm going to dye with Mommy!!"

Of course, if you didn't know what she was talking about, you'd think it quite the morbid thing for a child to be shouting. lol 

But, here's a sneak peak at Pinkaholic and my sweet little dumpling helping me:

On a side note, if Livi wants dumplings for dinner, she asks for ducklings. lol  I keep trying to help her say DUMPlings, but she always ends up saying ducklings.  I even tried showing her videos of ducklings so that she could see that we do not want to eat baby ducks.  It makes me smile anyway.  :o)

Oh, and I've gotten some tatting done, but I haven't shown any in awhile. We are spending the night with Chris in Memphis tonight, but maybe I'll get some pictures up tomorrow night of some of the tatting I've done!


  1. Helpers who enjoy their work are a wonderful thing to have. Lucky you!

  2. "Kids Say The Darndest Things" is what immediately came to my mind. Aren't they fun?! Looking forward to seeing Pinkaholic, too. Karen in OR
    P.S. Maybe you'll find your lost tatting bag in Memphis?