Monday, March 26, 2012

EZ Bobs coming to an Etsy store near you!

I ordered some EZ Bobs to offer in my Etsy store the other day.  They haven't arrived yet, but once they do, I'll put them in the shop.  I haven't sold any "unwinding services", but I still like the idea.  SO, since EZ Bobs seem to be so popular, I decided to try them. :o)

They will of course change the shipping, but I don't know by how much, so I will be investigating that. :o)


  1. EZ Bobs are fabulous! I own all three sizes, and they are terrific for winding hand-dyed threads!

  2. Ooooh I need more of those! Just went on a shopping spree for HDT and all mine are full. Mind you I'm almost out of pink inferno, so until the skein I just ordered arrives I'll have an empty one!