Monday, March 19, 2012

Almost finished...

Dahlia progress

I need to attach those last two flowers.  I left the rest of the doily at home when Livi and I went to stay with Chris this past weekend.  But the only tatting I took was my gold and purple.  AND... and skein of Fancy Fields. :o(

This pattern does not need more than one skein of HDT the way I've done it.  I had plenty wrapped on a little  floss bobbin just waiting for me.  Along with a hook pen from Sherry, a nice pair of scissors and many other little floss bobbins of some of my HDT. AND a pretty clear and silver locket that I had bought from Hallmark.  Also some shuttles.  Hopefully not my popabobbin, but I'm thinking it may have been in there as well.
Where are the lovely treasure items?  I have no idea.  I had them in a bright orange Clinque makeup bag.  The last day I remember having it was the day I did my Italian presentation.  I have not seen these items or the bag since.  I'm really depressed about it... but there's no point in dwelling over it huh?

So, since I still had flowers to tat, I pulled a skein from my shop to finish it up.  I need to get some more dyeing done anyway.  Maybe that will help sales. :o)


  1. Your doily is looking very sharp!! :)

  2. hope you find your missing items. best of luck. and your doily looks pretty.

  3. Thanks guys!

    It is quite nice isn't Tatknot, it's Mary Konior's Dahlia