Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Then why can I not just submit a picture instead of writing out the thousand words???

I need to write 1000-1500 words by midnight.  I currently have 0.  I think the second I get this paper turned in, I'm going down stairs and dyeing some thread.  I have been so stressed it will be the perfect thing to ease my weary mind!!

On my To Dye list:

Rainbowlicious Xtreme


I think I will start with Pinkaholic tonight.


  1. When I have to write a paper, I just start writing down whatever comes to mind. I don't worry about organization or whether a thought fits... I just go with the flow. I'm always amazed at how good my first draft is! Of course it's never right for submission the first time, but I find it much easier to revise and rearrange my random thoughts.

    Have fun dyeing tonight! ...after you crack the whip and write that paper! ; )

  2. Can't wait to see those awesome colors!! :)

  3. I hope the paper went well so that you got to play with thread and dyes. You deserve some fun.