Saturday, March 24, 2012

A conclusive drawing

So, when I do a giveaway, I try my best to avoid commenting so that my comment doesn't get mixed up in the numbers and confuse me when it comes time to do the drawing.

This time however, I did comment to enter Tatknot's  guess of 4'9".  She had sent me an email with her guess because Blogger was being stubborn and not letting her comment.

Then when I went to draw a winner... this happened:

So, I went to the comments and started counting... mine (for Tatknot)  Hmm, so I had a split moment of, well maybe I should do two winners this drawing since it may seem odd that my comment was picked.

 But then this happened:

Oh grrr... so I went to a different random number generator and got this:

So, it's very much conclusive :o)

The winner is Eliz aka Tatknot!!!


Thank you so much to everyone that entered!!  The simple fact that you visit here and comment means a lot to me! I love doing these giveaways; I find them fun and a great way to connect with my followers!


  1. Wow! I was chosen twice? Thank you, Jess. I'm doing the happy dance and crossing my fingers that this one will post.

  2. Congrats to Eliz and are a shorty...LOL! (I can say that because I am on the untall side as well.)

  3. Congratulations,Eliz. This was fun. Karen in OR

  4. Yay Eliz can comment!

    Sherry, I like that: "untall"
    Really I love being short, except for when I'm in a hurry, or trying to keep up with someone with longer legs.

    Karen, I think so too :o)

  5. Jess, mi piace molto il tuo blog!