Thursday, March 15, 2012

I have a CWJ question

Just a general question... From what I can tell the CWJ is essentially a lock join right?

I understand how to make it and everything, but you still have the problem of it being a lock join. Though I think it is rather wonderful that you can tat around and not show the core thread on the lj... so I get it's purpose

The reason I ask is, I was reading the Gr8 brothers' book  Alternate Threads, and it had the greatest suggestion to pass the core shuttle through the loop made by the top thread (instead of the second shuttle)... which just seems  genius to me.

For one, the chain is still adjustable, but two, you still avoid the "color blip" or whatever you call it by avoiding the usual lj.

Is there some advantage to using the CWJ over this method that I'm not seeing?

I can see now that it is not a lock join and the chain is still adjustable.  I love how I can say something and it sound right and then find that it was completely wrong. lol 

But it brings up an interesting question.  Do you pass your main shuttle through the loop for the join or the secondary shuttle? Because it does work both ways.

Using your main shuttle would have the advantage of being able to use the technique with shuttle and ball, not just 2 shuttles.  


  1. no, its not a lock join. if it were a lock join then the shuttle (1) would not be able to move. but you are still able to tension the chain after making the join, its not locked.

    i always use that method (shuttle 1 thread through the join) i believe thats the proper way to make it.

  2. Thank you for shedding that light. I must have messed mine up when I tried it. (not surprising)
    I find the concept interesting to say the least.