Thursday, March 15, 2012


Generally, I'm not one for wearing a lot of jewelry.  I love jewelry though and would like to wear more of it.

I really love all the tatted necklaces you guys make that look so luxurious... I unfortunately would never wear one.  I'm very much a chain and single pendant chick.

BUT when I ran across this pattern provided by Kersti: Half Moon Dreaming

I was instantly drawn to it.  Then once I had convinced myself that I needed to tat it... I had a flash of brillance!!
Krystledawne's Wisteria Lane would be fabulous!!

I really like this pattern.  This necklace took me about 1 1/2 hr to make, which is not too bad right?
Actually I should time myself again when I'm trying to study at the same time. I should also pay more attention to scan the "right" side. 

Do you like my little beads?  

I've been on a serious "make jewelry" kick... I don't know why... but it is what it is.  And with my love of pearl Ex Powders.... I filled these bevels with the powders and then topped it with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.  Just for the record, I love Mod Podge in general, but I don't think the dimensional magic is really a good alternative to resin filling.  It's probably really fabulous for highlighting paper though! 

I'll probably attach these to a stretchy bracelet with coordinating beads.  I don't know though. hrmmm.... 

I have others that are uber cute... but they are downstairs and I just really do not feel like going down there right now. 

Goodnight all!!

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  1. That pendant is fabulous!! :) And great color choice! :)