Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trying out my tablet for posting

I bought a sony tablet s last week. Here is a picture of some new thread with it.

Here is another picture of the same threads using the scanner:
These are still not quite "true to life" but really it never will be. :o( BUT they are closer than the other picture. 


  1. Thanks! Hey! Did you happen to get my email? I sent a message to the only email address I had. I hope you got it :o) If you are like me, I've got three or four email addresses but only ever check one of them

  2. a sony tablet, why? I have tablets in my brain. right now all I have is a kindle keyboard, but a daughter and a friend have nooks. thinking about a kindle fire, or an apple or???

    yes, that is a pretty colorway of thread.

    and the dahlia below is pretty colors too. good tatting

  3. Well, first I'll say that the kindle fire is wonderful. My mom has one and she uses it all the time. The Sony is nice, because it has an SD slot, it *should* be upgrade-able to ice-cream sandwich (ICS) when that comes out. But it also has other nice features like, you can play some playstation games on it, you can program it as a remote control (SUPER cool), plus it's an android tablet, so you can have all the goodies from the android market. (You can also get Kindle reader on it and read all your current Kindle books)
    The lack of camera was a BIG reason I didn't go for the Kindle fire.
    Which is unfortunate because I do a lot of my buying on amazon anyway.
    I didn't want an Ipad, because there's no expanding the memory and I can't afford one of the bigger ones.
    It's really one of those things, that once you settle on one, there's always going to be some perk that the others offer that you gave up for the one you chose.
    If I were to chose an Ipad, it would be for the huge amount accessory you can get for it. But since that's the only perk I could come up with, I stayed away from it. BUT I also have an ipod touch, which I kind of view as a small ipad. lol

    The tablets are pretty alluring though aren't they?

    And thank you for the compliment, coming from you that means a lot! I was really proud of it. I was able to hold it one of the joins on the outer round and it didn't flop over. lol I did a little party dance.

  4. Now *that* is a picture :)Certainly better than my phone camera.