Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31st post

Wow, can you tell it's late? It's 3:30 AM here, and I've been in the closet (with the light on) tatting so that I wouldn't wake Livi.

BUT, here's the HDT "Laila" worked up.  It is so pretty. Size 80
It's Mary Konior's Eightsome Reel.  I really like this little piece.  I want to make some more!

Up next: Susan Fuller's Heart of Desire. I've started this one before, but only now actually finished one.  This one is in size 80, one my HDT's Pink to Gray
I was getting really tired towards the end.  Can you tell? I'll give you a hint as what to look for... I started with the pink ring and ended with that ugly gray one lol (the ring is ugly not the color).  I also joined the rings that usually hang loose in the middle to the rings on the edge.  I like this, keeps them in line :o)

And finally:
I'm working on Iris Niebach's Cornelia from Tatted Doilies.  Again, this is size 80 of my HDT. I do not plan to do the whole doily in the color.  Heck, I may not even do the whole thing in this size.  I have ideas for how I want finish this one my way lol
This is the only bit of this thread that I have, but I plan on making some more.  I don't know if you can tell, but it's blue/gray/black.  It has a very "denim" look.  This one, I had a short skein (from cutting between knots off the cone) so I let it loosely sit however it wanted in a 2 oz cup and then applied dye to the cup via a dropper. I put a light blue on one side and black on the other.  As you can probably imagine and as you can see, the black took over most of the area, but the randomness of it is very fun.  I thought about experimenting with other colors but the same method and calling them "Messy Jessi's" lol


  1. Some really neat designs there! I love the heart! :)
    I love the threads I got!!! I really want to use them right away, but am forcing myself to try and get other projects done first(no promises).
    Tell Livi I love her custom packaging!!! You can't get that anywhere else and I feel special since she made it for me! :)
    Have an awesome day!!!

  2. It's been a while since I've tatted Eightsome Reel. I love the way yours turned out! Heart's Desire looks gorgeous in pink and gray. Cornelia is a joy to tat, and lovely when it's finished... as long as you don't lose your place in the pattern! I love the color!

  3. You tat so FAST! Love the look of the pink and grey. Nicely done - all of it!
    Fox ; )