Thursday, January 19, 2012

small heart-like motif/ monster heart

I got Tatting Patterns and Designs by Blomqvist a week or two ago and while flipping through the book immediately was drawn first to the crowns in towards the back but then this little heart like motif that they actually call a "star", but it looks like a heart to, I'll call it a "heart-like" motif :o)

It's in some Lizbeth 40 that dyed the other day.  It's pink and purple, and I thought the whole thing was kind of a bust since some of the purple patches are a little "splotchity", but really I think it just adds personality to it...

What I really love about this little thing is that from far off it looks like a heart...but when you look at it close up, it looks like a monster face lol  See how the clover kind of looks like eyes and a big nose and the rings at the bottom look like fangs.  Then he's got like droppy cheeks and floppy ears lol  I've always had a knack for seeing weird things, maybe this is one of them :o)

That reminds, at one point I had some sew-on googly eyes that I wanted to make a little face out of, but since I use smaller threads, the eyes were always too big.  Maybe this in size 10 thread with sew-on googly eyes would really tie it all together. :o)


  1. What a hoot! I don't think I'd have seen a monster face on my own, but I do now!

  2. lol, he's kind of cute, right? :o)

  3. Cute motif in great colors!! :)
    As for the monster...I'll leave that alone. :D

  4. Nope - an old man with glasses and a big chin!
    Fox : ))