Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The very first Tat-ilicious Give-away!

Okay, so if you've been reading lately, you already know that I've been trying my hand at dyeing thread.  The first reason for my dyeing threads would be to sell the threads to justify my buying and acquiring more thread for myself (naturally, right?)  Since I am currently jobless, a self supporting hobby is justifiable, in my eyes :o)

So these first few skeins I had intended to start an etsy shop with... but alas... I had been working hard at getting some skeins wound up and ready for dyeing.  All was well they were sitting nice and pretty on the couch, and then my lovely artistic daughter placed her freshly painted picture right on top of my beautiful pile of freshly wound skeins.  LUCKILY, not very much paint got on the thread, but some paint did get on them.   I tried to clean them and get all the paint off, but there is still the mark from where the paint was.  I really do not think that this little bit of paint will make the threads un-usable, but in my eyes, they do make them un-sale-able.  (( I did not tell Livi that her paint got on the thread, as this would made her extremely upset.  She's very sensitive and gets very upset when she thinks she has messed anything up))

So I feel bad that my first giveaway is essentially "damaged goods" but they are still pretty.  I have three total.  One skein is size 40 with colors of pink-purple-blue (it kind of looks like something Barbie would wear really) The picture doesn't do it justice but, oh well.

The other two are size 60 and the color is pale yellow to green:

I really think that they are both very pretty.  In fact, I have a skein of both that I have decided to keep for myself despite their flaw.  And if you are wondering about the flaw, here's an example:
Do you see that tiny blue speck... that's how small we are talking.  All the strands separate from one another and they still fell pretty smooth.  But like I mentioned before, I just don't feel right selling them, in this condition.  Plus, I'm still working out making the skeins.  So, this will be a good start I think.

So... the giveaway:  Because I have three skeins, there will be three winners.  To enter, all you need to is comment on this post and make sure that I can contact you.  Because I have 2 different kinds of skeins, if the first comment that is selected randomly has mentioned a preference then they will be granted their preference. If the first winner had not made a preference known, and the second winner does give preference, then the 2nd will be granted their preference... and so on.  If no winners give their preference, then, I will just randomly divvy them up.  How does that sound?

This is post is going up on Tuesday morning (for me) at 1:08 am, so I will randomly draw names for the winners sometime Thursday afternoon when I get back from Biochemistry!  I realize that makes this kind of a quick giveaway... but there will be more in the future, that hopefully will not include small bits of acrylic paint


  1. Well I looked and looked and couldn't see the blue spot!!! I'm sure it wouldn't matter to an OG like me!!! Please count me in on the giveaway - I LOVE HDT.

  2. I would love to win a skein of HDT created by you and Livi! Please enter my name for this fabulous giveaway.

  3. Oh, fun! They're all fun and I like the idea of Livi's touch to the whoe thing. : )

  4. Your colors look great! I love the pink, purple, and blue!!! :) I would like to get in the drawing.

  5. I LOVE the HDT you sent me as a sample, so I am game! Thanks for including me in this lovely draw.
    Fox : )

  6. Somebody say HDT Giveaway!! Count me in PLEASE!!!!!
    Thanks for your generosity

  7. I can't see the spot either! The yellow/green looks especially lovely.