Sunday, January 22, 2012


I hope y'all don't get too bored hearing about dyeing and such.... but anyway... the other night I dyed 15 skeins. That's the most I've ever done at one time.  Overall, I feel like it was a success.  I have not washed all of them yet though.  But of the ones that I have washed, I have 7 "Rainbow-licious" skeins and 4 "Rustic/Blue"

These are all size 40 Lizbeth brand thread.  None of them are "perfect".  All of them have some spots that are lighter than others, or extra spots of color, mostly in the yellows.  Despite these little imperfections, these are really stunning. (IMHO) .


Again, this is size 40.  This one turned out really fun!  If you google rustic blue, and look at  images... you'll pretty much see what you can expect from these threads.  The dark color, is actually the "chocolate brown", but the dye didn't dye "evenly" so the brown as "speckles" all throughout it that are blue in shade.  On top of that the blue has it's own gradient I guess.  These will be great for a more "manly" project.  There's also, white spots between the blue and brown, which just adds more to the overall personality. :o)

So, the above are all still fairly damp, so they aren't ready to go anywhere.  But these are:

Here is one of those places where I feel my scanner does not do the threads justice.  The top two are the same colors as my "monster heart" from the other day. 

That is all for tonight.  I'm going to try to sleep, and hope the tornado sirens don't start going off again tonight!


  1. Lovely colors! I can hardly wait to see what you tat with them!

  2. I love bright rainbows and it seems you do too!! :)