Thursday, January 5, 2012

how sweet...

So, I would like to preface by saying that a few weeks ago after reading that Fox mentioned running out of pink in size 80, I mentioned that I had loads of pink in size 80 and offered her some.  So we did a little swap, which she sent me some very lovely items.  As I was putting together the package together for her, Livi of course needed to help me with everything.  She was very fascinated that I had a friend that she had never heard of and that I talked to this friend on the computer.  So, now anytime I get on the computer, she just assumes I'm talking to Fox.  (She's so sweet!)

So tonight, I was on the computer and she wanted to get on and tat.... so I took her video.  So, as you watch, you'll see her talk about "my friend Fox" lol


Don't you love how she's been tatting since she was a little girl, or did she say since she was a baby.  It's always one of the two.  :o)  

And here's just the two of us:

Isn't she precious???


  1. Cute! I sometimes want to keep all my tatting for myself also!

  2. Dear Livi,
    I loved your video. I watched you with your shuttles and listened to you talking. I saw you take off your glasses, which are very pretty. Thank you for the video. Say hi to your mom from me, okay?
    ❤Fox : ))

  3. Livi loved your comment Fox :o) Those are actually my glasses though, but you may have already guessed that. She thought she must wear them if she was going to be on my computer. lol

    Diane- isn't that too funny? She also thinks that all my tatting is for her as well.

  4. How wonderful! To think you are influencing someone so young to love tatting! :)

  5. Yes she is precious! Daughters are such a blessing!