Friday, January 20, 2012

Does anyone have any tips on how to get this 3-D??

It's Rosa Frivola by Mary Konior, from Tatting with Visual Patterns.  I love this book. Even though I have gotten other books, this one is my favorite.  I actually ordered one of her out of print books, but since it's coming from the U.K., and even though it was shipped last week, I have a feeling it could be forever until it gets here.  Oh well, it'll be worth the wait :o)  
But, back to the question at hand.  I have 9 petals, the last three look pretty awful, so I didn't go out of my way to get them in the scan. I figure they'll be in the center of the flower lol.  I've starched it, but it's still hard to get it to look right. BUT it does say in the book that it'll take some practice.  I want to put it on a crochet cap that I got for my baby neice, Chloe.  That means that I want to get it to sit right and not move once it's set.  Also, I'm looking into how to get it attached to the cap in such a way that my sister in law (Chris's sister), can remove it from the cap when the cap gets dirty, because I already know that she's not going to want fluff this thing back up. For that part of my problem, I'm thinking maybe a button attachment.  I was thinking a pin bar backing, but I would absolutely hate (and I do not use the "h" word") myself if it ever came loose and stuck her. 
So, any suggestions on 1) how to get it to actually look like a flower and stay looking like a flower. 2) how to attach it a crochetted cap in a removable fashion.

You ALL are so wonderful with your suggestions.  I really do appreciate every comment that y'all post on my little blog :o) 

On another note... Aren't the colors gorgeous??  This is the pastel rainbow that I have a size 40 and size 80  skein of in my shop.  This is in size 40.  This pattern however took a lot of thread.  More than I thought it would.  Luckily, these skeins are the ones that were closer to 65 - 70 yards, so even though I made this thing, and a couple other little things that didn't pan out, I still have quite a bit of this thread left for myself.


  1. you will need to coil the petals so they wrap around each other. like a ribbon rose. you would start with an end petal, curl it into a tight center, then continue to wrap the rest around in a spiral. I am not sure if you will be able to do it with the thread that you have in the bottom rings. you might have to re-thread it to get them to wrap.

    as for the attachment, mount this flower to a felt or other fabric backing, then you can use a snap or button to attach it to the cap.

    you could also use the broach pin backwards, attach the bar to the cap and use the pin through the flower. that way it would never poke baby.

  2. The design is great and the colors are awesome!! :)

  3. I have the same problem! I've got the tatting finished, but trying to get it to wrap and look nice... :| Not working out so far. What kind of cap is it? if it's something like knitted that you could put something through the holes, you could use wire and maybe florist's tape like Linda Davies does

  4. Ladytats, I think you may be a tatting genius :o) Thank you! That is actually a very thin ribbon at the bottom, maybe I should try a thicker one. That would be fabulous if that solved some issues :o)
    Thanks Sue! I love the colors too, so pretty.
    Red, it's just a [crocheted] cap that I got from Hobby Lobby, it has rather large holes in it though. I would take a picture of it, but I gave it to her already for Christmas, but I may start over with another cap.