Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More thread in the shop

So, I got with my good friend Mandy tonight and she very kindly took some more professional style pictures for my Etsy store.  She's so wonderful!  So Instead of having just two listing in the shop I now have 8 listings.  Also, I ordered a cone of size 20 today from Lizbeth, so once I get that in, I'll be able to offer size 20. I know a lot of people like that size.  I personally prefer size 40, but if they are to sell, then I need to offer what you like :o)

Here are some of the pictures Mandy took tonight:

And for Diane:  Because of your excitement to see what I could tat with the threads the other day, I am tatting your favorite pattern.  The MK Spinning Wheel Glass Mat, and in the Rainbow-licious!

It may take me a while to finish, but it's looking beautiful already.  I love how the colors work together.  :o)