Monday, January 2, 2012


So, on Christmas Eve, I started getting a bad headache and cough.   By Christmas, I was feeling a little feverish, but not too bad.  Then Monday we went out of town to Knoxville to visit my brother.  I was sick the whole time.  It did bother me too too bad since I get bronchitis every year.  However, this time it just kept getting worse.  It got so bad that I couldn't breathe hardly at all.  So once we got back in town on Friday I went to the doctor.

My appointment was at 1:15 and even though they took me straight back, I didn't leave until after 4 because they  ended giving me a breathing treatment, taking X-rays, drawing blood, and giving me a penicillin shot because come to find out I have PNEUMONIA!  Great fun right?   Luckily since I had Livi with me at the office, my white blood cell count was high and it's only in one lung, I got to come home rather than take a trip to the hospital.

So, tatting isn't much fun when you can't breathe, so I haven't done too much.  But I have been feeling a bit better since yesterday so I will have tatting to show soon!

Hope everyone is well!!


  1. i hope your icky passes quickly, i also have been dealing with sick, so i know its not fun to tat while ill

  2. Shannon, thanks and hope you get to feeling better as well. Sickness sucks.

    Thanks Fox, I hope so!! :o)