Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a little preview...

Here are some of the threads that I intend to start a shop with...

These are actually very "healthy, plump" skeins.  After these I realized that my "50 yd" skeins were more like 65 yds... I have skein in size 40 and the other in size 80. These may not look all that impressive, but worked up it looks very lovely... I'll have pics soons!

These 4 are size 80... and just like I suspected with my post yesterday... once I washed up the black and gray ones... they were beautiful. Go figure. They are in plastic baggies... so, sorry for the light reflections.

These are size 60... and oh so pretty from reddish pink to bold pink to orange... yum! I have 2 of these.

These are size 40.  I love the colors, but not how I dyed them.  For some reason... I took my very long skein loop and colored half one color and the the other half the other color.  This makes for a VERY long colorway.  Since these I have gotten one the tabletop swifts with moveable pegs, which means I can make a 39" loop.  If have dyed have a 39" loop one color and the other half the other color, that wouldn't be so bad. But these loops are more like 58" or so.  (I was using a PVC niddy noddy that Chris made for me).  So you can see how that would be problem.... but if you started in the right place it would look as if you were using two different colors for your rings and chains which would be pretty cool I guess.  

I know I don't have many skeins of each color, but where I am right now, it doesn't seem to make much sense to make a whole lot of any one color scheme.  This whole experience has given me a real appreciation for the lovely people that do dye a lot and have such lovely selections.  It takes a lot of work... and my hats are off to you!


  1. i like the red/orange thread, its beautiful

  2. These look very nice!
    Fox : ))

  3. You have some majorly fun colors there!!! :)