Thursday, February 2, 2012

Might be my last post for a little while...

I've got a Sociology report, Italian composition, FR&I study questions to type up.... and oh, the big one.... BIOCHEMISTRY TEST in less that one week!!  So, I predict that this weekend I may go temporarily insane and also that I won't get much tatting done.  But that's alright, it'll be a nice relaxing moment when this rush of excitement is over next Tuesday and I can sit down and recompose myself.  lol

But for now:  These were inspired by Fox's foxtangles

And those in turn inspired these: SHRINKY DINKS! Cute right?

On the left, this flower was traced from scrapbook paper.  On the right, was free handed.
The Sharpies are just for size comparison.
This one was just traced from a Lisa Frank coloring book... and that is the original crown shown.  So, they really do shrink quite a bit.  Also, if you can't tell, the circle is actually where I cut the circle from the clear shrinky dink plastic.  Pretty cool right?  I also hole punched the top of it, so these can be used as pendants. 


  1. good luck with your studies. what is your final goal?

  2. Pharmacy school! I want to be a doctor of Pharmacy. That's why the Biochem is my biggest concern. In fact, I need to get to studying for the PCAT. I will be needing to take it soon. HOPEFULLY, I'll be in Pharmacy school Fall 2013, and then I'll have another 4 years to go!

  3. best wishes, my sis and her dh are both pharmacists, and my dd#3 is a pharm tech

  4. Have a great weekend and may you do very well on everything you need to do and may you accomplish much and then....have a very restful break(at least a little one)! :D