Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just a Quick Question for all those in Tat land...

So, as you know, I've been dyeing thread to potentially sell on Etsy.  As far as I can see a 50 yd skein for about $7 is standard.  50 yds is quite a lot of thread though.  If you have ever been hindered to buy HDT because of the $7, would you be more likely to buy a smaller skein, say 25 yds, at $3.50?

25 yds still seems like quite a bit of thread.  Of course, you wouldn't get it for a big project or anything.  But this is one thing I'm thinking about, but if I get too many negative responses to it, then I'll just scrap it. :o)

Thank you all for any and all input.


  1. well, that is a thought, hmmmm would it be possible to offer your threads in both sizes of skeins? there may be those that need the larger skeins for doilies or edgings, or could use the smaller skeins for motifs and bookmarks

  2. That's a good point, I would definitely do a big and small if I decided to the small. Right now I've just been doing 50 yds, just because it seems to be the standard.

  3. * big and small sizes... the way I put it made it sound like I would do one big skein and one small skein. lol

  4. Why not sell both 50 and 25 yds? I could definitely see wanting to use HDT for smaller, more unique(jewelry) projects, and would be more readily able to afford the smaller amount.